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Networking & Security


Webinar: The intranet in 2024 (French)




Our webinar will take you into the exciting world of modern intranets. Gone are the days of the "basic" intranet! If you're wondering how to create a dynamic, personalized tool with real added value for your company, you'll find the answers in our webinar. Our expert will explain how to understand the different issues involved in deploying such a tool, and what key points you can implement thanks to our partners Microsoft 365 (including the Viva suite) and Powell Software. We'll be sharing concrete examples of success stories, our advice and practical live demonstrations. Finally, you'll also discover the support solutions offered by our Business Apps Competence Unit, a team of experts specialized in supporting you on your own digital transformation journey.

Webinar: Cybersecurity in 2024 (French)




This webinar will immerse you in the complex landscape of cyber security. Based on the latest threat and attack reports, we will present the most significant risks identified, and highlight the essential security measures to be deployed. What's more, we'll show you the importance of designing a Cybersecurity Roadmap tailored to your environment and current threats to ensure your system is protected.

Webinar: Next-Level Data Management: Spotlight on Veeam 12.1 and Kasten K10 (German)




Learn everything you need to know about the new version 12.1 of Veeam Backup & Replication and get a brief insight into the world of Container Data Protection with Kasten K10.

Webinar:  Cybersecurity Unmasked with Microsoft (German)




Bechtle's Deep Dive into Your Company's Security Landscape! Discover the future of cybersecurity live with Bechtle! Register for our exclusive Microsoft Cybersecurity Unmasked webinar and regain the security of your IT infrastructure.

Webinar: The art of ethical cybersecurity (German)




Have you ever wanted to take the perspective of an ethical hacker and learn from other companies' security breaches? In our exclusive webinar you now get THE opportunity! We will give you interesting insights into the new National Cyber Strategy issued by the federal government and the cantons, the need for ethical hacking and an exciting use case (legal cyberattack on Nikin & Chiefs), which will be presented to you personally by the cybersecurity experts from Bug Bounty Switzerland.  

Webinar: Veeam Update (German)




Bechtle presents hot new products from the Veeam universe. Find out everything you need to know about the new version 12 of Veeam Backup & Replication and the new version 7 of Veeam Backup for Microsoft 365.

Webinar: HPE Zerto (German)




More protection against ransomware and better disaster recovery with HPE Zerto. Learn why backup is not enough for ransomware recovery and how, thanks to Zerto's unique technology, not only RPO (Recovery Point Objective) and RTO (Recovery Time Objective) are drastically improved, but also the important WRT (Work Recovery Time).

Webinar: Ransomware (German)


How can your cloud environments be effectively protected against ransomware threats? Presentation of the key native features and strategies for protection against ransomware attacks and how they can be used proactively to protect your assets in the cloud.

Webinar: Veeam - Healthcare (German)


Reliable data availability in healthcare. Nowadays, nothing works in hospital operations without data from critical applications. Therefore, it is essential for the quality of care and the satisfaction of patients to guarantee the availability of these applications.

Webinar: VeeamON 2022 Update (German)


Bechtle presents hot news from VeeamON 2022! Veeam offers comprehensive backup and data management platforms for cloud-based, virtual and physical environments.

Webinar: IBM - Turbonomic (German)


Save costs and increase efficiency with Turbonomic and IBM Storage. Learn about the benefits of Turbonomic with an exciting customer example and get an overview of IBM's market-leading storage solutions.

Webinar: Cisco Security - Meraki & Umbrella (German)


With safety in the first place. Overview of the current challenges in the security environment and what support Cisco offers with solutions such as Cisco Meraki & Umbrella.

Webinar: Imprivata für Spitäler (German)


Boost quality of care through workflow optimisation. Find out the key facts about Imprivata solutions and how these can support workflow optimisation so that your staff can focus on what’s more important—the well-being of their patients.

Webinar: Veeam Update (German)


Veeam news hot off the press. What’s new. What’s next. Modern data protection. All the latest from VeeamOn 2021.

Webinar: Cisco Meraki Enterprise Network (German)


Managed Network with Cisco Meraki Enterprise Network: SASE – A holistic overview of SD-WAN, LAN, WLAN, and security.

Webinar: Bechtle & Veeam - VeeamON, what’s up ? (Fr)


Dive into the world of Veeam Software and discover what's new in their Veeam Backup & Replication 11a and Veeam Backup For Office 365 v6 solutions announced at their VeeamON 2021 event.
During this webinar you will learn all about the latest Veeam Software product updates and new features.

Bechtle & Imprivata - Workflow optimization (French)


Imagine offering staff the ability to authenticate on any computer in the hospital using a proximity card or fingerprint? Without passwords, without wasting time and without compromising the security of your infrastructure!

In this webinar, learn about the Imprivata platform that helps address just these critical compliance and security challenges, while improving healthcare provider productivity and the patient experience.

More than 45 hospitals in Switzerland have already adopted Imprivata's solutions.


With the exceptional participation of Etienne Marchand, IT manager of the Clinique de La Source, who will share with us his experience with Imprivata solutions.

Veeam Availability Suite V11 und Veeam Backup Microsoft Office 365 v5 (French)



Veeam Availability Suite V11 is a single platform for backup and recovery of cloud-based, virtual and physical workloads with powerful features for AWS, Google and Azure. In addition, the new V11 gives you reliable protection against ransomware with immutable Linux repositories.

Veeam Backup for Microsoft Office 365 v5 provides complete data backup and fast recovery of your Microsoft Office 365 data - especially with Teams integration.




Veeam Availability Suite V11 & Veeam Backup Office 365 v5 (German)



Brand new! The latest version of the popular Veeam Software backup solution is on its way. Join our webinar and find out what’s new in Veeam Availability Suite V11 and Veeam Backup for Microsoft Office 365 v5.




Protect yourself from cyber attacks with Fortinet Security Fabric (French)



Companies have embarked on a digital transformation with a view to evolving more rapidly on a global scale while controlling their costs. This evolution is leading to the adoption of new technologies, and thus to a widening of the playing field. The perimeter of networks is thus becoming more vulnerable to advanced threats, resulting in a complex security environment. Find out how Fortinet's Security Fabric can segment the entire network, from the IoT to the cloud, to ensure first-class protection against sophisticated threats.  


Bechtle & Dell (French)



AMD-optimised Dell EMC PowerEdge servers: Webinar & aperitif with our Dell Technologies and AMD partners. Raise a glass to the new year in a webinar with our Dell Technologies and AMD partners. Give your infrastructure a boost and reduce costs at the same time.

Cisco Managed Services - Enterprise Network mit Meraki (German)



Secure Network Infrastructure as a Service. In the age of cloud computing, web services and Unified Communications, a secure, powerful and robust network is more important than ever. 360° network and 360° firewall are the scalable modular solutions you need.



Virtual Event IBM SAP HANA on Power (German)



More power for your SAP HANA environment. SAP HANA on IBM Power Systems is an established SAP solution with which you can run HANA-based analysis, transaction and business-critical SAP applications on a flexible IBM Power-based infrastructure. Allow us to introduce you to SAP HANA in the IBM environment and show you some practical customer examples.



Veeam Backup für Microsoft Office 365 v4 (German)



Businesses around the world are minimising the risk of losing control and access to Office 365 data with Veeam. With the NEW Backup for Microsoft Office 365 v4, Veeam is now offering a cloud-optimised deployment option specifically for businesses following a cloud-first strategy.



Veeam Availability Suite™ v10 (French)




Learn all about the updates to Veeam Availability Suite™ v10. Optimise, automate and modernise your data backups in increasingly digital business processes.



Cybersecurity - Hacking Case



“Help! I’ve become a victim of a cyber-attack.” Find out in our webinar what the consequences of a targeted attack can be, how you can protect yourselves from them and ultimately, how you can balance security requirements with your company's business goals.





Veeam Availability Suite™ v10



Learn all about the updates to Veeam Availability Suite™ v10. Optimise, automate and modernise your data backups in increasingly digital business processes.



SQL - End of Life Support



Ende des Supports für SQL Server 2008 und Windows Server 2008: Welche Auswirkungen haben diese Änderungen? Welche Chancen ergeben sich daraus? Im Webinar erfahren Sie in 60 Minuten das Wichtigste zu diesem aktuellen Thema.



VeeamON 2019 Update Webinar



Jedes Jahr bringt VeeamON Tour das Beste von der VeeamON in zahlreiche europäische Städte. Dieses Jahr richtet sich der Fokus auf intelligentes Datenmanagement. Verpassen Sie diese News auf keinen Fall und melden Sie sich gleich für das Webinar an.



Veeam Backup für Microsoft Office 365



Veeam Backup for Microsoft Office 365 eliminiert das Risiko, nicht mehr auf Ihre Office 365-Daten zugreifen und diese nicht mehr kontrollieren zu können. Exchange Online, Sharepoint Online und OneDrive for Business sind mit Veeam Backup for Microsoft Office 365 immer hochverfügbar und geschützt. 



Bedrohungen erkennen mit VMware AppDefense



VMware AppDefense ermöglicht eine noch schnellere und genauere Erkennung von Bedrohungen auf Anwendungsebene und bietet den vSphere Administratoren sowie den Sicherheitsteams ein Tool, um umgehend darauf zu reagieren.





Aruba 360 Secure Fabric - Transparenz und Kontrolle über Ihre Netzwerke



Angriffe werden immer gezielter, intelligenter und schädlicher. Aruba hält dagegen: Mit Aruba 360 Secure Fabric, ein Sicherheits-Framework für Unternehmen, das eine vollständige Transparenz und Kontrolle über ihre Netzwerke bietet.



Sichere Netzwerke mit Cisco Enterprise Network DNA



Cisco DNA gewährleistet und automatisiert Services in Ihren Unternehmens-Netzwerken mittels einem softwareorientiertem Ansatz. Die Plattform ist offen, erweiterbar und ermöglicht Ihnen so Wertschöpfung in Campus-, WAN- und Zweigstellen-Netzwerken. Auf diese Weise optimieren Sie den IT-Betrieb und erleichtern Innovationen.



Schutz vor Betrug mit Lösungen von One Span



Informieren Sie sich über OneSpan Trusted Identity Platform (TDI) und adaptive Authentifizierung. Die Risiken der digitalen Kanäle und der einfache Zugriff auf PII durch Hacker machen eine digitale Identitäts-Risikoanalyse zu einer absoluten Priorität.



E-Mail Verschlüsselung mit HIN Gateway und SEPPmail



In diesem Webinar stellen wir HIN Gateway und SEPPmail vor, beantworten die Frage weshalb es sichere E-Mails braucht und befassen uns sowohl mit den Secure E-Mail-Technologien und -Infrastrukturen als auch Secure E-Mails mit SEPPmail.



Privileged Access Management mit One Identity Safeguard



Integrativer Schutz rund um privilegierte Zugänge mit One Identity Safeguard: Sorgen Sie für einen stressfreien Schutz Ihrer privilegierten Konten durch das zuverlässige Speichern, Verwalten, Aufzeichnen und Analysieren von privilegiertem Zugriff mit One Identity Safeguard.



Modernes Active Directory Management - Hybrid Active Directory, einfach und sicher



Mit One Identity Active Roles können Sie Active Directory und Azure Active Directory einfach und effizient schützen, Sicherheitsprobleme lösen und sämtliche Compliance Anforderungen souverän erfüllen.



Webinar: VMware News 2024 (German)


Latest updates and developments from the world of VMware. We would like to invite you to our exclusive VMware webinar, which will provide you with a comprehensive overview of the latest trends and developments from the world of VMware.

Webinar: Multicloud (German)


Successfully moving into the cloud with IT strategy. Multicloud is on everyone's lips and we will show you which prerequisites you need to successfully make your way into the cloud and how an IT strategy can optimally support you in doing so.

HPE ProLiant Gen11 (German)


HPE's next generation of computing - designed specifically for hybrid environments. Learn how the HPE ProLiant completes your hybrid environment wherever it extends-from the edge to the cloud-with a cloud operational experience, built-in security, and optimised performance for your workloads.

VMware Explore 2022 Update (German)


Hot news from VMware Explore 2022 in Barcelona (formerly VMworld) Join the VMware Explore 2022 Update Webinar and hear directly from the experts in 60 minutes about the most important things from the VMware conference.


Microsoft Ignite 2022 Update (German)


Hot news from Microsoft Ignite 2022. Learn about the most important news from Microsoft Ignite 2022 in 60 minutes.


IoT - Healthcare (German)


How IoT/AI technologies are entering the field of healthcare. Innovative technologies such as IoT/AI can contribute to optimising challenges in the field of healthcare. We will show some examples in the webinar.


Licensing and Methodology - The keys to optimising your contract (French)


Are you a CIO, IT manager or IT decision maker? Our certified and experienced teams give you the keys to meet your strategic challenges in the areas of licensing and methodology.


Webinar: VMware - Cloud Foundation 


Datacenter Modernization and Cloud Management with VMware Cloud Foundation. Take control and support your employees in using flexible and efficient infrastructure and cloud solutions.



Webinar: IoT - LoRa (German)

The possibilities and uses of LoRa technology. The new connectivity technology LoRa (Long Range Wide Area Network) can be used to visualise diverse use cases in an IoT environment.



Webinar: Bechtle & Microsoft - Prenez le contrôle de vos données avec Microsoft Azure Information Protection (French)

The current health context has further accelerated a change in work habits that was already underway: telecommuting, BYOD and mobility needs in general, internal and external collaboration, and the development of Cloud solutions represent new challenges and a fundamental change in the security paradigm.
As the sole perimeter protection of the enterprise infrastructure is no longer adapted to these new needs, Microsoft Azure Information Protection offers you a protection centred on the data itself, giving you a total vision and control of its use during its entire life cycle, including outside your company.



Webinar: Azure Readiness - Microsoft Ignite 2021 Update (German)

Red-hot news directly from Microsoft Ignite 2021: Get up-to-date in just 60 minutes. Join the webinar and learn all about Microsoft Ignite 2021 and the latest product developments.



Webinar: IoT - Temperaturüberwachung (German)

Monitoring temperatures using cloud-based IoT technology: The benefits of IoT explained with specific customer examples.



Webinar: VMworld 2021 Highlights - Wrap Up (German)

Want to get the latest news from VMworld 2021? Take part in the VMworld 2021 update webinar and learn the key points from our VMware experts in 60 minutes.



Webinar: Azure Readiness - Azure Virtual Desktop - Teil 2 (German)

Profile containers (FSLogix) and image management: Find out how to manage profile containers (FSLogix) and images and keep them up-to-date.



Webinar: Azure Readiness - IAM (German)

Azure and iam amira – The perfect team: Combine Azure’ s IAM (Identity & Access Management) functionality with iam amira and create an unbeatable team.



Webinar: Nutanix Update (German)

Global .NEXT Digital Experience 2021 in 60 minutes. The biggest news from the Global .NEXT Digital Experience 2021.



Webinar: Azure Readiness - Azure Virtual Desktop - Teil 1 (German)

Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) – The Basics: Discover the basics of Azure Virtual Desktop in our workshop. Find out how AVD is put together and what you need to be aware of.



Webinar: Azure Readiness - Azure DevTest Lab (German)

What is the Azure DevTest Lab and what can it do? Quickly and easily create Azure resources with the Azure DevTest Lab.



Webinar: IoT - AI im Produktionsumfeld (German)

Easily link up production environments. Join our webinar to learn all about connecting sites to existing IoT platforms, including a real-life example from the pharmaceutical industry.



Webinar: Veeam & Bechtle - Kasten K10 (German)

The number one data backup solution for Kubernetes. An introduction to cloud-native data management in Kubernetes environments with Kasten K10.



Webinar: Citrix Cloud (German)

The road to the Citrix Cloud. Discover the potential of Citrix Cloud Services.



Webinar: Azure Readiness - VPN (German)

Secure access to IaaS and PaaS resources in Microsoft Azure with a VPN. For secure access to your Azure resources, Microsoft is offering the PaaS service Azure VPN Gateway.



Webinar: IoT - Smart Retail (German)

IoT and AI in retail: IoT and AI are growing in importance in the retail sector. Discover how the two can interlink with practical examples from the food and non-food industries.



Webinar: Nutanix at Work mit Bechtle (German)

Einfacher, Agiler, Schneller. Entlastung der Remote-Standorte. Wir zeigen Ihnen anhand eines realisierten Kundenprojektes, wie Sie mit Nutanix die Komplexität Ihrer Remote-Standorte reduzieren. Ausserdem erfahren Sie, wie Kunden von einer zentralen Verwaltung ihrer Aussenstandorten profitieren und damit erst noch effizienter sind. 



Webinar: Azure Readiness - Erfahrungsbericht HRM Systems (German)

From hybrid sourcing models to a managed Azure environment. Discover how the change from on-premise and hybrid infrastructures to a managed Azure environment can be implemented with the help of a practical example.



Webinar: Demystify AI - Folge 2 - Verbessern Sie Ihre Produktivität mit KI (French)

This webinar presents the implementation of a conversational agent, or Chatbot, within the company as well as a document translation system adapted to the specific language of your activity.

  • The conversational agent will be presented to answer support and technical task automation issues. The technologies used are: Power Virtual Agent, Azure and Microsoft 365.
  • Document translation will cover the aspects of maintaining the layout, the use of jargon and different formats such as PDF, Power Point, Word, Excel... The technologies used are: Azure Translator, Azure Custom Translator, Azure Document Translator.

Webinar: Demystify AI - Episode 1 - Cognitive Search and Machine Learning on Azure (French)

This webinar gives an introduction to AI services on Azure - Cognitive Search and Machine Learning.
We will address questions such as:

  • How to make a search, at enterprise size, more intelligent and therefore relevant and effective?
  • How to recognize that customers will unsubscribe and/or not remain customers, using Machine Learning methods?



Azure Readiness - SAP in Azure (German)



Migration of SAP/SAP HANA into the public cloud on SAP in Azure. Foundation and structure of an SAP/SAP HANA solution and concrete implementation with Microsoft Azure.







IoT - Offering (German)



IoT and AI in the real world. In this webinar, we will use practical examples to illustrate the interaction of IoT and AI.







HPE GreenLake - das Beste der Cloud, überall (German)



We’ll show you the benefits of IT as a Service with the help of a real-world customer example. HPE GreenLake offers public cloud and Infrastructure as a Service solutions as a pay-as-you-use model at the edge, in co-locations and in your data centre.







Kubernetes (German)



Container technology overview – basics and tips. Discover why the new Kubernetes container technology will be crucial in future IT infrastructures and learn the differences between a traditional approach with physical systems and virtual machines (VM) and agile containers plus how to run a highly scalable infrastructure with Kubernetes. The webinar will also include a short demonstration.







IoT bei Bechtle (German)



IoT from a business perspective. Turning the hype into reality. IoT as the foundation for optimised processes, improved collaboration and new business models.






Azure Readiness - Application Proxies on Azure (German)



The Azure Active Directory Application Proxy enables secure remote access to locally hosted web applications. Gain an insight into Azure Application Proxy and discover how easy and secure a local application can be provisioned via the cloud.






Arbeitsplatz der Zukunft (German)



Standardised IT fleet paired with modern deployment all at a fixed monthly price. Centrally-managed data and business applications round off the package. A complete overview of devices and installed software at any time at the touch of the button.





Azure Readiness - Automatisierung (German)



Azure Automation: Microsoft’s cloud framework for automating recurring tasks in Azure.

Gain an insight into the automation of typical engineering challenges in the cloud.





Swiss Cube - smarter Weg in die Cloud (German)



Dedicated Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS): According to numerous studies, now is the time to start making the move towards the cloud. Using 360° swiss cube as a basic infrastructure, you have a scalable solution that can be combined with other 360° managed services.





VMworld 2020 Highlights - Wrap Up (German)



Want to get the latest news from VMworld 2020? Take part in the VMworld 2020 update webinar and learn the key points from our experts in 60 minutes.





HPE & Bechtle (French)



IT-as-a-service: n’achetez plus votre infrastructure informatique, consommez-la!




Azure Readiness - Microsoft Ignite Update 2020 (German)



Red-hot news directly from Microsoft Ignite 2020: Get up-to-date in just 60 minutes.




Journey to the Cloud - Nutanix Beyond HCI (German)



Find out all the benefits a Nutanix HCI solution can offer. The Nutanix HCI solution is so much more than “just HCI”. Nutanix has the goal of becoming the Cloud OS for all workloads in private and public clouds.




Azure Readiness - Licensing Microsoft (French)



Stay compliant, avoid pitfalls. Join our consultants and get answers to all your questions on compliance with Microsoft. Find out how you can streamline your licence management and optimise licensing costs, no matter the size of your company.




HPE GreenLake (German)



HPE GreenLake is an IT-as-a-Service model. That means you only pay for the IT infrastructure you really use in your data centre, saving costs while meaning you remain able to flexibly react to changing requirements.




Azure Readiness - Governance & Management (French)



Take part in our webinar and find out how you can maintain control of your Azure environment and continue on your transformation to the cloud.




Bechtle & Dell Technologies - Together Stronger (French)



Learn all of the latest Dell Technologies storage and hyperconvergent news, how our Bechtle experts assist you with your IT changes, and how to finance them. With the feedback of Sébastien Monnaert, Azqore’s Infrastructure Manager.




Teams Collaboration et Productivity (French)



The CoVID crisis has highlighted and accentuated a fundamental trend in the working methods of the future, productivity without limits anywhere and anytime. 

The unprecedented period we have just gone through has changed everyone's habits. Users, both internal and external, now have at their disposal a tool that makes collaboration simpler and more intuitive, while remaining in a secure environment and offering all the guarantees of data protection and confidentiality.




Azure Readiness - Cost Control 




How can I optimise my Azure costs? How can I get the most out of my investment? Management and optimisation of Microsoft Cloud costs, particularly variable Azure platform costs, are often difficult challenges for organisations to get to grips with. These costs result from a combination of chosen architecture, cost and invoicing structures, and chosen service type.




Powell Teams (F)



Optimise governance of TEAMS with Powell Teams: Discover how Powell Teams lets you easily manage and organise TEAMS for better integration into your enterprise.





Azure Readiness - Cost Control (F)



How can I optimise my Azure costs? How can I get the most out of my investment? Management and optimisation of Microsoft Cloud costs, particularly variable Azure platform costs, are often difficult challenges for organisations to get to grips with. These costs result from a combination of chosen architecture, cost and invoicing structures, and chosen service type.





Azure Readiness - IAM - aMIRA




Identity and Access Management: Why is Identity und Access Management so important in the context of Azure? A lot of companies today have offices around the world. People connect through modern collaboration tools, share all sorts of content using a variety of services and access resources in the company cloud no matter where they are.





360° swiss cube



Dedicated Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS): Using 360° swiss cube as a basic infrastructure, you have a scalable solution that can be combined with other 360° managed services.






Azure Readiness - Management



Kontrolle über Azure Umgebung: Erfahren Sie im Webinar, wie Sie die Kontrolle über Ihre Azure Umgebung behalten und sich auf die weitere Cloud-Reise begeben können.






Stay Productive - 360° desktop 



Bleiben Sie produktiv – wir unterstützen Sie dabei. Die räumliche Trennung von Mitarbeitenden ist aktuell für viele Unternehmen eine Herausforderung. Wie können Sie auch im Homeoffice produktiv arbeiten und mit Ihrem Team im Austausch bleiben? Dank 360° desktop und Microsoft Teams bleiben Sie auch in herausfordernden Zeiten voll handlungsfähig.




Azure Readiness - EMS - Sicherheit



Mobile Endgeräte wie Tablets oder Smartphones spielen in den meisten Unternehmen wichtige Rollen. Aber wie lassen sich mobile Endgeräte sicher und übersichtlich in die IT einbinden? 




Microsoft Ignite 2019 Update



Brandheisse News direkt von der Microsoft Ignite 2019 in Orlando. An der Ignite 2019 treffen sich IT-Spezialisten, Ingenieure, Führungskräfte und Techniker aus aller Welt, um sich in Fachvorträgen und Live-Demos über die News und Trends von Microsoft zu informieren.


Microsoft Office 365



Mit Microsoft Teams und Sunrise telefonieren: In diesem Webinar erfahren Sie in Kürze das Wichtigste zu Microsoft Office 365, beispielsweise wie Sie mit Microsoft Teams und Sunrise künftig telefonieren können. Ausserdem erhalten Sie Use-Case-Szenarien in einer Demo vorgeführt.


Azure Readiness - Monitoring



Monitor your workloads on Azure: Empower your monitoring understanding and discover what Azure can offer you as a centralized monitoring solution for your workload. In the second webinar, we provide the most important information concerning the monitoring of your workloads on Azure.


Azure Readiness - Migration



Im ersten Webinar erfahren Sie, neben den Chancen und Risiken der Cloud, welche Schritte notwendig sind um Ihren Workload in die Microsoft Azure Cloud zu transferieren. Dafür hat Bechtle ein «Step Into the Cloud»-Modell entwickelt: Wir betrachten sechs wichtige Themenfelder, welche für ein erfolgreiches Cloud-Onboarding wichtig sind. Zudem stellen wir für eine vereinfachte Migration das Tool «Azure Migrate» vor. 





VMware Cloud on AWS ist ein integriertes Cloud-Angebot, das von AWS und VMware gemeinsam entwickelt wurdeDer hochgradig skalierbare, sichere und innovative Service ermöglicht Unternehmen die nahtlose Migration und Erweiterung ihrer lokalen VMware vSphere-basierten Umgebungen in die AWS Cloud. Dabei kommt die topmoderne Bare-Metal-Infrastruktur von Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) zum Einsatz. 



Multi Cloud – Strategie, Architektur, Betrieb und Lizenzierung



Kennen Sie die Möglichkeiten einer Multi Cloud-Lösung? Verschaffen Sie sich im Webinar einen Überblick über Strategie, Architektur, Betrieb und Lizenzierung von Multi Cloud-Lösungen mit Fokus auf Microsoft Azure.



Digitaler Arbeitsplatz - Lösungen für die mobile Zusammenarbeit



Was sollte ein digitaler Arbeitsplatz mitbringen? Wie können alle Mitarbeiter unabhängig von Ort und Zeit standortübergreifend effizient zusammenarbeiten? Erfahren Sie in diesem Webinar, welche Möglichkeiten es gibt und wie Sie die ersten Schritte in Richtung 'modern Workspace' erfolgreich meistern.



eHealth für das Gesundheitswesen



Was sollte ein digitaler Arbeitsplatz mitbringen? Wie können alle Mitarbeiter unabhängig von Ort und Zeit standortübergreifend effizient zusammenarbeiten? Erfahren Sie in diesem Webinar, welche Möglichkeiten es gibt und wie Sie die ersten Schritte in Richtung 'modern Workspace' erfolgreich meistern.

Modern Workplace


Webinar: Copilot (French)




Copilot combines the power of large language models (LLMs) with your organisation's data to turn your words into one of the most powerful productivity tools on the planet. Our teams of Bechtle Experts are here to support you into the future, from adoption through to AI consulting and training. We'll be giving live demonstrations so you can see it in action in real time, and we'll also be talking to you about best practices for integrating Copilot into your day-to-day business while respecting the protection of your data.

Webinar: Discover Low-Code (French)




Presentation and introduction to PowerApps. Discover the potential of this platform and consider how it could be integrated into your own working environment to improve the efficiency and productivity of your staff. The various themes will be covered using concrete examples, advice and live demos.

Webinar: Copilot up close (German)




In this webinar, Bechtle presents an exclusive look behind the scenes of the current technological breakthrough and shows you how you can make the most of Copilot to create real added value. Immerse yourself in practical examples to find out whether Copilot can meet the high expectations already in the start-up phase. Learn all about the future of working with Copilot, its vision, goals and the enormous potential it offers. We will highlight the various functions and use cases of this innovative feature and talk you through real-life scenarios.

Flexibility with Adobe and Microsoft 365 (German)


Adobe Acrobat Pro and Sign: Turn flexibility into performance - Maximise existing investments in the Microsoft world with Adobe.



Docunize (German)


Create CI-compliant Office documents quickly and easily: Documents from a single source made easy: with Docunize, the new generation of digital template management.



Bechtle & VMware - Your digital workspace with Workspace One & Horizon Cloud/DaaS


Give your employees the ability to work anywhere, while enjoying a smooth and secure experience.



Bechtle & Microsoft - Microsoft Security (French)


Attack simulation and response with M365 Defender

Citrix Field Kickoff 2022 Update (German)


Hot news from the Citrix Field Kickoff 2022. Learn the most important facts about the Citrix Field Kickoff 2022 in 60 minutes.


Der Arbeitsplatz der Zukunft - Lenovo (German)


Lenovo Hardware and Workplace Services from Bechtle. Together, they guarantee an efficiently functioning IT infrastructure. We look after the complete life cycle of your hardware so that you can concentrate on your core business.


Adobe Acrobat DC (German)


5 tips to stay productive, anywhere. Whether you’re working in the office or from home, work more efficiently and productively with Adobe Acrobat DC.


Apple im Unternehmen (German)


What’s new at Apple? What’s important for your business? We’ll explain what the new M1 Chip architecture in Macs and the iPad Pro means for business users and what you get out of the new iPhones. Plus, we’ll take a look at enterprise features made possible by macOS Monterey and iOS 15 as well as how Bechtle can support you in all things Apple.

Adobe Sign im HR (German)



Adobe Sign for Human Resources: Boost efficiency and digitalisation in HR with Adobe Sign.




Webinar: Bechtle & Microsoft - Defend against cyber attacks with Microsoft Defender for Endpoint (Fr)


Microsoft Defender for Endpoint, which secures your Windows 10/11 and Server, macOS, Linux, Android and iOS endpoints, is now one of the market leaders in endpoint security solutions. Come and discover all the features offered by the solution, to understand its added value in your cybersecurity incident response process. 
In addition, Microsoft will update its licensing model for Microsoft Defender for Endpoint by the end of the year. These significant changes will represent a significant opportunity for businesses of all sizes.

Learn how Microsoft's solution can add value to your cyber defense and response strategy. Identify the cost-saving opportunities offered by the new Microsoft Defender for Endpoint licensing models

Webinar: On the road to Passwordless (Fr)


Strengthen your identity security by freeing yourself from the constraints and weaknesses associated with the use of passwords. Get on the bandwagon and plan your Passwordless strategy!

Webinar: Bechtle & Microsoft - Prepare your migration to Windows 11 (French)


Windows 11 has been announced for 5 October 2021. For several years, companies have had to manage Windows upgrades on a recurring basis and Microsoft is continuously improving the tools to facilitate this task.

In this webinar, we will look at the steps required to migrate to Windows 11 and keep versions up to date.

Webinar: Work anywhere with Bechtle and IGEL (French)


Working wherever you are, from home or remotely, has become commonplace. Companies have learned that offering flexibility in where and how they work increases employee satisfaction and productivity. In addition, when the main workplace may become unavailable for operational reasons or in the event of an exceptional situation, allowing people to work off-site is essential to ensure business continuity. Although organisations can use VDI or DaaS technologies for hosted enterprise applications and desktops, concerns remain regarding the configuration, management and security of the endpoint.

Adobe Sign - Education (German)


Sign more efficiently. Find out how signing documents such as letters, orders and contracts can be child’s play for teachers, employees, parents as well as students with Adobe Acrobat Pro DC e-signatures.




Taking Windows Virtual Desktop to the Next Level with Citrix (French)


The context of the Covid-19 pandemic has led many of us to work remotely. As a result, businesses have been challenged and have turned primarily to virtual desktop solutions that provide secure remote access to a professional work environment.


In this webinar, you will discover how to join the best of Citrix and Microsoft technologies to provide a secure enterprise VDI environment to your employees, even remotely. 



Taking Microsoft Teams to the next level (French)


The adoption of Microsoft Teams by millions of users has led to the identification of issues such as team proliferation, information overload, time-consuming organisation and management complexity.
With Powell Teams, improve teamwork within Microsoft Teams to make it a productive, organised, manageable and governed collaboration experience.

Adobe Creative Cloud für Business-Anwender (German)


The new release CC 2021 has arrived! The last release gave Adobe Creative Cloud users a raft of updates, but also new products offering new or enhanced possibilities to create content, be productive and collaborate from anywhere.



Citrix Summit 2021 Update (German)


Red-hot news from Citrix Summit 2021: Join our webinar to catch the latest from the Citrix Summit 2021 virtual event and discover the newest Citrix tools and solutions.


Adobe Education - Higher Education (German)


Classroom digitalisation with the Adobe Creative Cloud and the Acrobat, Spark and Sign apps.

Bring lessons to life and create simple videos, websites and social media content with Adobe Spark. Anyone can do it! Join our webinar to find out all the possibilities Adobe Spark offers, how it works and how projects can be realised online and in the app.



Apple - Device Enrollment Program (German)


Device licensing made easy: Discover the benefits of the Apple Device Enrollment Program. Mobile devices have become a mainstay of the way we work today. But hardware alone is not what makes your employees more productive. Optimized device management is how you make sure you get the most out of your device fleet and the best return on your investment. Discover the benefits of the Apple Device Enrollment Program now.


Adobe Acrobat & Sign


Boost efficiency with Adobe digital processes: Get all the benefits of Document Cloud with Adobe Acrobat und Adobe Sign. Join our webinar and find out more about the synergies between Adobe and Microsoft as well as Document Cloud features on Office 365.


Adobe Education


The future of digital learning with Adobe. Digitalise lessons with Adobe Creative Cloud, Acrobat, Spark, and Sign.


Citrix Intelligent Workspace



Next generation Citrix Workspace: High employee satisfaction is everything - and needs an intelligent workplace. The biggest indicator for modern business success? Employee satisfaction. Companies with motivated employees are 21% more productive than companies without and achieve 3x higher operative profit margins than competitors.


Adobe Sign



Want to be able to digitalise more work processes in the future? Adobe Sign, the global leader in electronic signature solutions, makes signing documents quicker, easier, and completely secure. Adobe Sign lets you digitalise signature processes on a compliant process and sign everything electronically in the future.


Citrix Summit 2020 Update Webinar



Informieren Sie sich im Webinar über die News von der Citrix Summit 2020 in Orlando und lassen Sie sich von neuen Citrix Tools und Lösungen inspirieren.


Adobe Acrobat DC TEI Webinar



Arbeitsprozesse vereinfachen. Kosten sparen. Alles mit Adobe Acrobat. Wie können Arbeitsprozesse vereinfacht und Kosten gespart werden? - Im Webinar wird anhand einer Live Demo aufgezeigt, wie Acrobat am sinnvollsten genutzt werden soll, um zu jeder Zeit den höchsten Mehrwert aus allen Devices für das Unternehmen zu generieren.



Citrix Synergy 2019 Update Webinar



Brandheisse News direkt von der Citrix Synergy in Atlanta und neue Features der Citrix-Apps. Unsere Experten informieren sich vor Ort über die News und Trends von Citrix und updaten Sie im Webinar.



European Collaboration Summit 2019 Update Webinar



Brandheisse News von der European Collaboration Summit 2019. Informieren Sie sich im Webinar über Microsoft 365 Compliance und Security. Lernen Sie ausserdem Microsoft’s Modell für eine moderne und sichere Desktop-Umgebung kennen.



Citrix Summit 2019 Update Webinar



Es erwarten Sie brandheisse News von der Citrix Summit 2019 mit Lösungen für eine erfolgreiche und schnelle digitale Transformation. Unsere Citrix-Experten waren in Orlando und informieren Sie während 60 Minuten aus erster Hand über neue Features von Citrix-Applikationen und bieten Ihnen Einblicke in die Citrix-Strategie.



Windows Admin Center (ehemals Projekt Honolulu)



Das Windows Admin Center bietet IT-Administratoren Vollzugriff auf alle Aspekte der Server-Infrastruktur und ist besonders nützlich für die Verwaltung in privaten Netzwerken, die nicht mit dem Internet verbunden sind.
Wir beschäftigen uns im Webinar mit den Einsatzzwecken und Funktionsweisen von Windows Admin Center, den Systemvoraussetzungen und Bereitstellungsoptionen. Zudem informieren wir Sie über die Server-Verwaltung und das Troubleshooting inklusive Tipps.




Neuerungen Microsoft Exchange 2019



Lohnt sich eine Migration auf Exchange 2019? Und wenn ja, wie viel Aufwand ist damit verbunden? Viele Unternehmen setzen nach wie vor die On-Premise Variante von Exchange Server ein. Und die IT-Abteilungen stehen vor dem Entscheid die aktuell genutzte Variante zu migrieren. Das wirft Fragen auf - wir liefern Ihnen im Webinar die Antworten und Tipps aus der Praxis.




Virtual Event Bechtle & Dell Technologies: HCI-Lösung (German)



A healthy Datacenter as fit and fast as Dave Dollé. HCI - The future-proof data centre solution for your company. Take part in our exciting virtual HCI event with Dell Technologies and Bechtle experts, and let renowned fitness coach Dave Dollé share his health and fitness insights.



VMware vSphere 7



Digital Foundation for a Modern Datacenter: VMware vSphere 7 with Kubernetes, available from VMware Cloud Foundation, offers VMware Cloud Foundation services and application-oriented management for optimised development, flexible process and accelerated innovations.



HPE Simplivity Webinar



Das hohe Tempo der heutigen Technologiebranche hat den IT-Betrieb in vielen Unternehmen komplexer und reaktionsschwächer gemacht. Mit hyperkonvergenter Infrastruktur vereinfachen Sie den Betrieb und gewinnen mehr Zeit für Innovationen.


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