SAM Baseline

SAM Baseline.

Get an overview of your software and licences.

Over-licensing and under-licensing cost companies a lot of money. Capital that could be put to better use lies idle.
SAM Baseline creates transparency for your software and licences. Bechtle helps you to gain an overview. 

Your added value with SAM Baseline.

Snapshot of your software & licences.

Complete licence inventory.

Compliance report.

Overview Under- or over-licensing.

Recommendations for licence management.

Details of the SAM Baseline solution.

The SAM Baseline is a snapshot of your deployed software and existing licences. In doing so, we take the software inventory of your existing software distribution tool. Alternatively, we install a scanning tool that prepares the data accordingly and searches your network for existing software. At the same time, we create a complete and retrospective licence inventory and compare it with the installed software. The resulting report - it corresponds to a compliance report (delta) - gives you an overview of your under- or over-licensing, contains recommendations on how to remedy it and conveys other important information about your licence management.


Type of service: Project price
Duration: 3 weeks
Periodicity: Ad Hoc / Quarterly / Annual


  • Overview of audited data and completed activities
  • Over-licensing, under-licensing & mislicensing identified
  • Identified risks and liabilities
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