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The Lenovo ThinkSystem ST50 is an affordable server for small-to-medium-sized businesses or ROBO environments representing excellent value for money.

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Gross price: CHF 729.00 incl. CHF 52.12 VAT

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Manufacturer no.: 7D2XA01KEA

Bechtle no.: 4471468

Chassis type: Rack, Rack units: 1 U, Server category: Dual processor, Processor family: AMD EPYC, Operating system: -


Gross price: CHF 3,559.00 incl. CHF 254.45 VAT

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The HPE ProLiant DL385 Gen10 Server with AMD EPYC 7000 Series processors has been designed to accommodate demanding enterprise workloads.

from 2,288.76

Gross price: CHF 2,464.99 incl. CHF 176.23 VAT

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This 1U AMD-based platform offers an exceptional balance of processor, memory and I/O for virtualisation.

from 1,948.00

Gross price: CHF 2,098.00 incl. CHF 150.00 VAT

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Dell EMC PowerEdge R240 servers are powerful and efficient rack servers for SMEs and remote locations/branch offices.

from 854.22

Gross price: CHF 919.99 incl. CHF 65.77 VAT

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The Dell EMC PowerEdge R740 is a general-purpose workhorse optimised for workload acceleration. Enjoy the versatility to adapt to virtually any application with the R740.

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Gross price: CHF 2,461.00 incl. CHF 175.95 VAT

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The PowerEdge R640 is the ideal 1 U dual-socket platform for dense scale-out data centre computing and storage. These servers deliver a balanced combination of density, performance and scalability to optimise rack density in data centres.

from 2,088.20

Gross price: CHF 2,248.99 incl. CHF 160.79 VAT

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Durable, powerful 2P tower. Ideal for large companies and enterprise data centres.

from 1,787.37

Gross price: CHF 1,925.00 incl. CHF 137.63 VAT

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This tower server delivers power, upgradability and scalability at an affordable price.

from 991.64

Gross price: CHF 1,068.00 incl. CHF 76.36 VAT

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The Dell EMC PowerEdge T140 single-socket server is an easy-to-use, safe, and practical entry-level choice for growing businesses.

from 908.07

Gross price: CHF 977.99 incl. CHF 69.92 VAT

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Adapt to changing workloads with the versatile PowerEdge T440, an ideal entry-level server for small-to mid-sized business (SMB) and remote office/branch office (ROBO) sites.

from 1,710.30

Gross price: CHF 1,841.99 incl. CHF 131.69 VAT

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Top-performing server for data centres needing scalability optimised to meet performance and cost points for almost any workload.

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Gross price: CHF 1,825.00 incl. CHF 130.48 VAT

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Versatile and scalable server that grows with your business needs and optimised system design to meet performance and price points for almost any workload.

from 1,851.43

Gross price: CHF 1,993.99 incl. CHF 142.56 VAT

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Affordable 1U rack server optimised for large enterprises at a price every business can afford.

from 1,469.82

Gross price: CHF 1,583.00 incl. CHF 113.18 VAT

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Ideal for space-limited environments thanks to the shorter compact 1U form factor chassis. The SR250 impresses with its processing capability with GPU support and flexible storage configurations.

from 1,307.33

Gross price: CHF 1,407.99 incl. CHF 100.66 VAT

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Enterprise performance and flexibility with a compact footprint. The latest processor and memory technologies offer tremendous performance.

from 1,727.01

Gross price: CHF 1,859.99 incl. CHF 132.98 VAT

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The Lenovo ThinkSystem ST250 is a fantastic alternative for small-to-medium sized business and ROBO environments, who are looking for the power of an enterprise-class server in an easy-to-manage tower.

from 992.57

Gross price: CHF 1,069.00 incl. CHF 76.43 VAT

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The HPE ProLiant DL380 Gen10 server delivers the latest in security, performance and expandability.

from 2,148.56

Gross price: CHF 2,314.00 incl. CHF 165.44 VAT

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The HPE ProLiant DL360 Gen10 server delivers security, agility and flexibility without compromise.

from 1,729.80

Gross price: CHF 1,862.99 incl. CHF 133.19 VAT

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HPE ProLiant MicroServer Gen10 Plus delivers an affordable compact yet powerful entry level server that you can customise for on-premise and hybrid cloud scenarios.

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Gross price: CHF 595.99 incl. CHF 42.61 VAT

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All your data in one place with storage servers.

Your business servers should align with your needs and work processes. Not every industry requires the same level of computing power, which is why servers can be custom-tailored for individual companies. If your business needs copious storage space, for example, investing in a storage server would be a wise choice, as these come equipped with large hard drives. If you work with sophisticated graphics applications, you’ll need the right processor to ensure sufficiently high computing power. In this case, the Intel Xeon processor family, for instance, delivers outstanding performance.


Solutions for smaller businesses.

A smaller company with only a few network computers will often find that a tower server is perfectly adequate, especially when the amount of data processed is relatively limited, and shared use of memory-intensive programs is rare. In this case, that tower server often serves as the central point of control for the company’s IT infrastructure—and it’s therefore essential that the server be upgradeable. You should be able to expand both computing power and storage capacity in order to respond flexibly if your business requires more performance in future.


A large selection – from blade servers to midi tower cases.

IT infrastructure requirements vary from business to business, and so do the types of servers needed. Our Bechtle direct online shop reflects this reality, offering a broad range of hardware for a custom network. In addition to blade servers, you’ll find rack and tower cases in all different sizes. Name-brand products from Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Lenovo, Dell and Fujitsu ensure that you get top quality and reliable performance. Use our shop’s search feature to find suitable products quickly. And if you have any questions, our expert product managers will be happy to assist you in selecting the right server.

Bechtle direct Server & Storage Specialists

Your business needs a strong core.


Master your technology like a pro.Investments in storage and server technology are usually easy to quantify, but their value for your business’s IT go far beyond mere numbers. Expert consultation is essential for topics like high availability and virtualisation, NAS and SAN unified storage, backup and disaster recovery, and low operating costs. That’s where we come in. With their detailed multi-vendor expertise, our consultants are best-placed to design a tailored solution that provides maximum investment security for your business. Benefit from top conditions thanks to our close cooperation with all major vendors to help you stay on the cutting edge of IT.



  • Virtualisation and consolidation
  • Unified storage
  • Backup and disaster recovery



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