IT asset transparency – Proper IT planning and strategic decisions.

Gain a comprehensive insight into your IT landscape with our Inventory2go service.

Inventory2go offers a thorough inventory so you can visualise your IT infrastructure.

Our main goal is to transform your data so that you can successfully manage your IT initiatives. We’ll help you consolidate your inventory data into one central platform. The process normalises your data, removes duplicates and identifies vulnerabilities.

The consolidated results are enriched, normalised and categorised with essential market data to provide you with unprecedented information about your portfolio.

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Discovery and inventory.

You’ll always be optimally prepared with hardware discovery and software inventory

With our agent-based and agentless inventory methods, you’ll gain an insight and transparency into your hardware and software audits for added peace of mind.

Three steps to full transparency.

Data collection.



Consolidation, normalisation and enrichment.


Dashboard and reports.


Unified Data Platform.

Our powerful technologies deliver an automated end-to-end process. Unified Data Platform combines full visibility into your IT, comprehensive data enrichment and transformation in a single solution. The result? Across-the-board transparency coupled with a high-quality foundation of IT asset information.

Your benefits at a glance.

Automated product detection thanks to advanced AI technology.

Intelligent ETL technology as a foundation for essential KPIs

Data normalisation.

End of Life (EOL) & End of Support (EOS).

Vulnerability management.

Portfolio optimisation.

Simplicity, security and innovation all rolled into one.

Why choose Bechtle.

A leading IT service provider in Switzerland, Bechtle Schweiz AG is your go-to partner for all things IT—from consulting to infrastructure, from services to software, on the ground and in the cloud. Trusted by small to large enterprises and public institutions,

Our offering spans the entire plan-build-run lifecycle of corporate IT, backed by top-level vendor certifications.

Why Raynet.

As a global software vendor with market-leading solutions and complementary managed services, we make successful end-to-end management of IT projects and operations possible.

Following the mission “Discover to Manage”, our vision is that all companies worldwide achieve transparency and security as well as the optimisation of their IT investments by using our technologies.

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