Managed Workplace Services.

Workplace management is becoming ever more complex, but it’s not something that is immediately obvious. It’s only when you scratch below the surface that you see just how many support systems your employees rely on—all tools and processes that have to be created, implemented and maintained, beginning with the provisioning of hardware, software, and communication tools and ending with the maintenance of the entire system. And this is why smart workplace management is growing in importance. How many overheads and how much complexity can an organisation handle and organise in-house when both distract the focus from the core business? Bechtle recognises the challenge and is helping businesses help themselves.


Workplace management: How employees could work more efficiently with a managed workplace.

Bechtle Managed Services help companies focus on their enterprise-critical tasks and enables employees to work more productively and effectively without having to worry about admin work. Workplace management is all about having specialists running and maintaining tools and support systems for your employees. In other words, Managed Workplace Services means someone else takes care of it. This results in significantly less admin work and thus more efficiency as staff aren’t distracted by unnecessary chores.

At the same time, Managed Workplace Services create clear structures such as a defined contact person for device and system support and maintenance. If a device should fail, a replacement is quickly made available. For the IT helpdesk and invoicing for several cloud services to the admin and deployment of individual systems within the company – workplace management and Managed Services reduce complexity and create more efficiency and clear responsibilities that everyone profits from – from management down to the individual workers.

Bechtle Managed Workplace:

Bechtle SMART Workplace –
odern workplace management.


Device as a Service –
Procurement flexibility.


Cloud licence management –
Rest easy with correct licencing.


Service Desk –
End user support.


Managed installation –
Professional rollout preparation.


On-site services –
Our experts, by your side.

Bechtle SMART Workplace.

Bechtle SMART Workplace guarantees that costs for tools, including all additional costs, are transparent and plannable. Customers receive software and maintenance from a single source at a fixed price meaning they benefit from a clear pricing model and no expensive surprises. And Bechtle is your partner every step of the way – from PC configuration and maintenance, to set up and invoicing of Microsoft Office 365 and, last but not least, user support. 

Bechtle also provides the perfect notebook and desktop clients and individually tailored operations and service packages depending on requirements. Choose the basic package and receive Office 365 management and maintenance, end device configuration, Microsoft Intune and real-time security monitoring all in one.

Device as a Service

Device as a Service.

Procuring your own hardware, such as notebooks and desktops, is risky in many respects. Accounting have to write off the PCS and the in-house IT department need to remonstrate with the vendor or retailer when it comes to claims that wall under the warranty. If the models you are using end up being withdrawn, they are still a liability issue as commercial retailers are obliged to offer warranties on these older devices and offset that income stream. This leads to legacy devices being given or sold at extremely low prices to commercial hardware recyclers. There are very few companies these days that are happy to handle these issue which is why Bechtle offers several Device as a Service packages.

Your benefits.

No investment costs.


Transparent costs per month.


Reduced workload for your IT department.


Always the latest devices.


Consistent support: Remote and on-site hardware support service.


Configured specifically to your needs.


Services that complement the devices – A single contract from a single source.


Scale to your changing needs.


With Bechtle Device as a Service (DaaS), organisations no longer have the responsibility for hardware procurement. A fixed monthly fee per PC that includes fast replacement and logistics makes budget planning child’s play as you only pay for what you use. And that’s not all. The monthly fee not only covers the latest hardware, but also IT lifecycle services such as software updates and end user support, giving you more time for more important issues and giving your employees the best equipment that won’t constantly let them down.

What is a Managed Workplace?

A Managed Workplace is a service or package of services for the centralised provisioning of modern tools for employees by a service provider,  including hardware, services and infrastructure. Businesses can benefit in that they are able to reduce the number of service providers and suppliers and thus also organisational complexity. And that’s not all. Invoicing and accounting admin is also kept to a minimum as is the list of support and maintenance contacts while processes are optimised and can be quickly adapted to meet standardised requirements.

Bechtle Service Desk

Bechtle Service Desk – Always at your side.

When work comes to a grinding halt, this can lead to project delays and cost a considerable amount of time and money. With the Bechtle Service Desk as your central point of contact, you have IT experts on hand offering help and support. The modern, remote shared Service Desk is staffed by highly qualified experts and characterised by solutions expertise and short response times. Disruptions and user requests for, for example, standard applications and printers, as well as problems with roaming users or hardware are quickly assessed and solved.


Managed services.

The managed services market is continuing to grow As is the number of companies putting their faith in  managed services providers. Managed Services sees the customer hand over responsibility for their entire IT or clearly defined sections to an external IT service provider with services provided according to Service Level Agreements (SLAs) to ensure work is completed on time and to the extent agreed. Examples include the Managed Workplace and the Managed Data Centre: In both these cases, Bechtle takes on responsibility for the server operating systems so you can rely on up-to-date patches systems, stable operating processes, clear maintenance windows and a high-quality service.

There are many reasons to choose managed services, ranging from reducing your staff’s workload, quickly implementing new technologies, minimising risks (e.g. technologies, financing conditions and laws) to keeping the costs of IT training to a minimum. At the same time, managed services creates a transparent cost structure for operating an enterprise infrastructure and its hardware.

With managed services from Bechtle, you can stay focussed on your organisation’s core business. Leverage our managed services so your employees can focus on the job at hand. Bechtle’s operations team are specialised in delivering efficient services and can look back on many years of experience in professional operating services.

On-site services.

As a specialist is your industry, you no doubt want to dedicate your time to your core business. As a result, you don’t require in-house experts for every IT project or new infrastructure. Bechtle has experts on hand in your region to offer strategic advice and project and operational support. Which of the latest trends and solutions will drive your business forward? Bechtle’s infrastructure experts have the answer thanks to their many years of experience.

Bechtle also has the on-site experts to get you through tricky times. For maintenance and repair, hardware rollouts or employee support – Bechtle is your reliable partner for long-term and personal collaboration in new project evaluations, infrastructure lifecycle management and on-site client management. With Bechtle’s On-site Services you’ll business will benefit from qualified, local experts and uniform invoicing for all services  You decide if you want experts according to need or permanently for a specific operations.

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