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DOCUNIZE™ – A new generation of digital template management.

Templates from a single mould.

Always searching for the right templates? It’s time for you to focus on the essentials. DOCUNIZE™ makes work easier and automates your tasks so you can do more with less.

A template management system for Microsoft Office. 

Focus on the essentials.

You know how it is. For the nth time in a row, you’ve spent an age looking for the latest template for a customer presentation and the marketing department have just reworked everything with the new company logo. Now the board have said they want to make additional changes. This all means a lot of work as you need to make sure the templates are up-to-date, carefully make any changes and ensure that older or incorrect versions don’t accidentally get used.

To avoid such time-consuming and frustrating work, DOCUNIZE™ has the solution you need—holistic template management.


An integrated approach to Office template management.

Holistic template management is all about promoting your brand, improving efficiency when using Microsoft Office applications, as well as compliance with company policies and legal requirements. The integrated template management solution, DOCUNIZE™, can help you do just that thanks to its seamless integration into Microsoft Office and building on current technologies.

DOCUNIZE™ at a glance.


  • Central database for documents, presentations and templates.
  • Ensures uniform CI and use of the latest templates.
  • Select DOCUNIZE™ administrators from each department manage their templates.

Key features

  • Central management, intuitive search by category, organisation of content elements, consistent CI updates.
  • Modular structure (text modules / snippets) for individual templates .
  • Actionable reports on template use.


  • Modularity reduces the time needed to make changes.
  • Central elements can be easily updated across all templates taking the hassle out of even a complete rebrand.
  • Text modules enable a quick selection of boilerplate passages.

Docunize Flyer.

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Your advantages with DOCUNIZE™.

With DOCUNIZE™, your employees can focus on what’s most important when using Microsoft Office—creating fantastic content.

Choose DOCUNIZE™ and enjoy all this:


Minimise the effort of searching for the right template and ensure a uniform corporate image.


Always use the latest templates and share them with your colleagues with just a few clicks. 


Configure template management workflows such as creation, adaptation and distribution.


Facilitate your employees’ daily work with DOCUNIZE™.

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DOCUNIZE™ has become indispensable. The tool helps us in our daily business and it helps us focus on the essentials such as creating sound, customer-specific content.

Office template management with DOCUNIZE™.

With DOCUNIZE™, you get Office template management, efficiency and cost-effectiveness all in one. How? 

Templates, Word documents, PowerPoint slides, e-mail templates, images, etc. are organised as modular elements and saved in a central database. These elements are then seamlessly integrated into Microsoft Office and related processes making template management a reliable part of your value chain.

DOCUNIZE™ for everyone.

The following users benefit from the DOCUNIZE™ solution.

For Office users – Structured and personalised templates.

With DOCUNIZE™, templates can be arranged according to business units, departments and other categories, making it easier to find them. Employees can view a personalised selection of templates, which increases transparency and helps them find what they’re looking for fast.

The fact that information is stored centrally allows processes to be automated. Personalised, recurring information, such as names, e-mail addresses and telephone numbers are taken from profiles or the Active Directory to create documents, which improves the quality and speeds up the creation process.

Benefits at a glance.

  • Optimum visibility – Find templates faster with filters, favourites and search functions.
  • Accelerated, automated creation of letters, PowerPoint slides, e-mails or other template documents.

For editors – Fast and central maintenance of uniform templates.

Say goodbye to the deluge of non-compliant template versions! With DOCUNIZE™ you can simplify and accelerate creation, modification and distribution processes. At the push of a button—and without any coding required—you can create document modules and templates that can be made available to your colleagues on a time-controlled basis. Employees—no matter from where they work—always have up-to-date templates with DOCUNIZE™ and can create new documents quickly and conveniently.

Benefits at a glance.

  • Reduce the amount of templates and avoid duplicates and annoying searches.
  • Minimises errors through the use and distribution of non-compliant specifications.

For administrators – Dynamic content without coding.

With DOCUNIZE™, administrators can integrate dynamic content and fields into their document templates—without any coding required. In this way, templates can easily be assigned variables based on the user profile or location. A built-in interface means field content can even be retrieved from your Active Directory.

Benefits at a glance.

  • VBA macro-free templates – Create and maintain dynamic templates with no coding required.
  • Save time and costs associated with the creation and management of templates.
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