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Hyper-converged infrastructure solutions by Bechtle.

Data centres are becoming ever more complex. As soon as new hardware is added, planning, provisioning and testing need to be carried out. The demands being placed on IT are also growing as improved storage efficiency, simpler management, process automation, agility and flexibility are expected.   


Enter hyper-converged infrastructures (HCI).

These integrated systems consolidate software and hardware into one device. As with VMs, network resources are separated from the underlying hardware in a similar way as in software defined data centres.


Bechtle HCI are based on HPE SimpliVity solutions Enabling business to optimise their IT processes with a faster and more efficient hyper-converged solution. This multi-award-winning HCI solution gives you the benefits of VM management, mobility, integrated data backup, disaster recovery and outstanding data efficiency.

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    HCI bietet zahlreiche Vorteile:

    • Up to 73% lower TCO
    • Guaranteed data efficiency
    • Up to 90% less capacity required thanks to compression and deduplication
    • More flexibility and performance
    • Less IT architecture complexity
    • Simple management via a single hypervisor management console
    • Cloud and on premise storage in a hybrid environment
    • Modern virtual infrastructure as a basis
    • Lower procurement costs
    • Recovery of a 1 TB VM in less than 1 minute

    Our Hyperconverged-Infrastructure-Solutions.

    HPE SimpliVity.

    Composable infrastructure is a new, visionary infrastructure category from HPE: HPE Synergy can be fully tailored to your requirements thanks to hybrid IT.

    VMware vSAN.

    vSAN macht externen Shared Storage überflüssig und vereinfacht die Speicherkonfiguration und die Bereitstellung virtueller Maschinen.

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    Many data centres are reaching their limits. To remain flexible and agile, companies are deciding to switch to the cloud- Get in touch for a consultation.


    A modern IT demands modern storage solutions. Bechtle can help make your data centre fit for the future.


    Software Defined Datacenter.