Hyper-converged infrastructure solutions by Bechtle.

Data centres are becoming ever more complex. As soon as new hardware is added, planning, provisioning and testing need to be carried out. The demands being placed on IT are also growing as improved storage efficiency, simpler management, process automation, agility and flexibility are expected.   

Enter hyper-converged infrastructures (HCI).

These integrated systems consolidate software and hardware into one device. As with VMs, network resources are separated from the underlying hardware in a similar way as in software defined data centres.

Bechtle HCI are based on HPE SimpliVity solutions Enabling business to optimise their IT processes with a faster and more efficient hyper-converged solution. This multi-award-winning HCI solution gives you the benefits of VM management, mobility, integrated data backup, disaster recovery and outstanding data efficiency.

    Our Hyperconverged-Infrastructure-Solutions.

    HPE SimpliVity.

    Hyper-convergent infrastructures consolidate your current IT infrastructure, extended data services, and virtual environments on a single platform. The solution is so simple they called it HPE SimpliVity.

    VMware vSAN.

    vSAN makes external shared storage superfluous and simplifies the storage configuration and provisioning of virtual machines.


    Nutanix pioneered the HCI market making it easier than ever before to design, build, and manage data centre IT.  The Nutanix Enterprise Cloud helps you support initiatives your business cares about.

    Dell EMC VxRail.

    Dell EMC VxRail gives you an off-the-shelf solution based on Dell PowerEdge servers and VMware Virtual SAN. VxRail offers a hyper-converged infrastructure appliance that you can leverage to quickly and easily simplify and scale your VMware environment through standardisation and automation.

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