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Sharing and receiving files.

What do you do when you have a long list of large files that your customer needs right away? They’re too large to attach to a single e-mail but you don't want to send each one in an individual message either. This is where a storage service is exceedingly useful, especially scaled versions designed for business use. Simply load your files into a central storage location in the cloud and share them with colleagues or other companies by assigning recipients the appropriate access rights. This way you can share not only individual files, but entire folders and workspaces. Stored reliably in a central location, your files will always be available whenever you need them.


Convenient and secure.

Different storage services vary not only by the maximum file size they accommodate, but also by the features they offer. Some allow you to set up separate password protection, for example, or make files available for a specific amount of time, or request notification whenever a file is accessed. When selecting your storage service, it’s important to verify the location of its data servers and whether data is encrypted during transmission. Popular file sharing providers include Box, which offers Box Business, Box Enterprise and Box Elite, and Dropbox, which provides Business, Standard and Advanced plans. With Dropbox Advanced, you get unlimited storage, audit logs to track file operations, multiple administrator tiers and other team features.


Additional providers offered in the Bechtle online shop.

Bechtle also offers software solutions by Ipswitch to manage file transfers, thereby minimising data loss and theft. Microsoft SharePoint is also available. This software, which streamlines complex collaboration environments through team websites, includes file sharing as a part of the overall solution.  Our expert product managers will be happy to advise you on all the solutions offered in our online shop.