The future is in software-defined data centres (SDDC).

Data centres of the future are software-based and therefore virtualised. Thanks to this abstraction, all IT resources can be regrouped regardless of the underlying hardware and put together as needed. That means an end to underused resources. Capacities can be automatically assigned via software in accordance with requirements. and all components are used in the best possible way.


For companies, that leads to more flexibility, best scalability and an enormous reduction of costs. As a result of their superlative benefits, the software-defined data centres are often described as the data centre of the future.


Bechtle is a pioneer in this field and has been providing companies with SDDC solutions for many years. With a software-defined data centre from Bechtle , you can take care of the work and cost intensive management of your hardware. Intelligent applications take on the configuration and provisioning of computing, storage and network services.

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    Companies benefit in many ways:

    • Optimum server, storage and network use
    • Lower costs
    • Reduced need for physical servers
    • Less admin thanks to automation
    • More flexibility and better scalability
    • Less work for IT staff
    • All IT components can be mapped and managed via software

    The data centre of the future.

    Software-defined data centres will take you one step further, Automation relieves the admin burden on your employees so that they can focus on the projects that drive your business.

    And best of all, Software-defined data centres empower your IT to respond quickly to business-critical requirements. They also increase the reliability of your workflows: if a device fails, data streams are automatically rerouted, maintaining availability.

    Bechtle – Working on the solutions of the future.

    We have been successfully providing IT solutions for SMEs and enterprise customers for over 20 years. We always achieve maximum customer satisfaction. As a long-term business partner of numerous vendors, we have over 6,900 top-level certifications e.g. Microsoft Gold and Silver, HPE Platinum, Citrix Platinum Solution Advisor, NetApp Star International Partner, Cisco Premier Partner and many more.


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    Bechtle equips Pilatus with a central IT infrastructure, allowing greater scalability, enhanced system performance and simpler management.

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