Software Licenses.

Your licence strategy: From cost factor to competitive advantage.

It’s your aim to keep IT TCO as low as possible. Because of compliance, risk management and ROI, you need an accurate infrastructure overview. Bechtle is your partner and technology advisor, helping you to keep your IT compliant, cost-efficient and up-to-date at all times.

Our employees will help you to successfully define and implement your IT strategy. As specialists in volume licensing, software asset management and cloud productivity, we have extensive experience in licence management and cloud computing, thus creating decisive competitive advantages for small, medium-sized and large companies.

Licence optimisation starts with analysis and clearing up of your company’s current licence situation. Our common aim is to avoid insufficient under-licensing and expensive over-licensing.

Software services.

Staying on top of the tangle that is corporate software and licensing takes a clear organisation and sound understanding of licence management and available models.

Software Asset Management.

Des solutions de gestion des licences performantes sont absolument indispensables pour votre entreprise. Clarté et contrôle n’ont jamais été aussi nécessaires  et notamment parce qu’une gestion professionnelle des actifs logiciels vous permet de réaliser des économies non négligeables.

Information security.

Use our assessments to correctly assess cyber threats on the net and to meet the security requirements when using Microsoft teams!

Workshops & Trainings.

Bechtle offers a number of events for IT professionals and anyone interested in staying on top of the latest developments and rubbing shoulders with renowned experts.


Our long-standing partnerships, top certifications and central purchasing mean we can offer you opportunities no other can. 

What's taking up your time at the moment?

  • Your existing contracts and licences?
  • Your internal IT road map?
  • Your financial planning and budget calculations?
  • Your server and application strategy?
  • Your SQL server – physical or virtual?
  • Your client strategy?
  • Your risk management and IT compliance?
  • Your transition to a public, private or hybrid cloud?

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