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The Enterprise Network – The cornerstone of success.

A company’s entire communication runs over a network that connects each department with a central system. If this network fails, business cannot continue and if it’s down for a longer period of time, things can get expensive—downtime can cost over €100,000 an hour in many industries. That’s why performance and availability are crucial as only an enterprise network that works well can support a successful business.


However, the challenges faced by businesses are huge. The increasing number of mobile employees needs to be securely integrated and managed in the network. Collaboration is also a critical subject. On top of all this, IT security has to be considered as enterprise-relevant information is saved in the network and provided to employees.


The digital transformation and the requirements for the workplace of the future mean that networks have to be even more secure and also easier to manage.

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The greatest challenges facing organisations are:

  • Infrastructure modernisation
  • Insufficient bandwidths
  • Gaps in IT security
  • Integration of IoT devices
  • Continuing workplace digitalisation
  • No monitoring and surveillance of data streams
  • Insufficient WLAN access points
  • Increasingly complex networks

Tailored solutions by Bechtle.

With a Bechtle enterprise network solution, you’ll have a foundation for your business and the workplace of the future.

The benefits:

  • Simpler processes and automation
  • Lower operating costs
  • Higher bandwidths
  • Maximum IT security


  • Easy to scale
  • High availability
  • Centralised management of the enterprise network
  • Efficient planning of wireless networks

As a long-term business partner of numerous vendors, we boast the highest certifications, including HPE Platinum, Cisco Premier Partner status and many more.


And best of all, Bechtle branches are located throughout Switzerland. We look forward to meeting you.


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Our Enterprise-Network-Lösungen.

VMware NSX Data Center.

Our network and security solutions range from planning to operation and support. The security of your data is guaranteed to have the highest priority.

Cisco Enterprise Network.

Intent-based Networking with Cisco DNA. Networks have never been so responsive and agile..

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