mimecast email security 3.0

E-Mail Security 3.0.

A comprehensive e-mail security strategy.


Nearly all cyberattacks use e-mail. Why? E-mail traffic never stops, e-mails are confidential, contain links and attachments and can easily be faked. The days of protecting against e-mail-based attacks by bolstering the company’s perimeter are long gone. Today, businesses need to switch from a perimeter-based security approach to one that is omnipresent and all-encompassing.

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 Mimecast has an answer to today’s challenges in the form of Email Security 3.0. Our technology is scalable and helps customers achieve maximum security while reducing costs and complexity. Various important yet differing technologies are bundled by Mimecast into a single, easy-to-use cloud platform.

At your perimeter.

Attackers send spam and virus via e-mail or include malicious URLs they can leverage to carry our phishing and spear phishing attacks. They also send different types of malware that businesses with signatures and classic anti-virus technologies aren’t able to detect. Although the traditional concept of a perimeter has come a long way, the fact remains that securing e-mails is the most important step for a company to take to reduce risks and avoid issues.




  • Phishing and spear phishing
  • Impersonation attacks
  • Malicious URLs
  • Interference with e-mail traffic

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Inside your network and organisation.

Even with robust e-mail security perimeters, attacks can find their way through defences and operate within an e-mail network by exploiting compromised user accounts and social engineering to send malicious e-mails to employees, customers and partners. Employees are also susceptible to opening attachments, clicking on links and falling for scams. It is, therefore, no surprise that human error is a factor in the majority of successful attacks.




  • Attacks that spread from one staff member to another
  • Attacks that are sent from employees to their customers and partners
  • Human error / lack of awareness
  • Permanently lost data

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Beyond your perimeter.

It is quite easy for attackers to register look-alike websites and fake domains on the internet without even having to worry about secured corporate interfaces. Even inexperienced attackers can register ad similar domain name or host a website, the sole purpose of which is to trick customers, partners and employees, damaging the value, reputation and trust well-known brands have put a lot of effort into building up.




  • Protection against damage to reputation caused by phishing and domain spoofing
  • Defending your domain(s)
  • Take-down von Fake-Webseiten
  • Proactive detection of fake domains

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Integration into your existing ecosystem.

Mimecast’s API and ecosystem integrations support your existing business processes and applications. The ecosystem includes both API and technology partners that can help you can the best out of your Mimecast installation. Integrate your existing applications to protect your business, detect threats and react quickly to incidents. Get in touch to find out more.

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