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Be more effective and empowered.
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Business and industry solutions.

Whenever businesses find their edge, Zebra is there.

As the world gets more and more connected, consumers expect faster service and more customisation. To satisfy your customers and gain a competitive advantage, enable the front line of your enterprise with business solutions that drive better, faster and smarter performance.

Zebra hardware, software, supplies
and services empower you to:


Speed up work.

Gain new operational visibility.

Improve accuracy.

Make better business decisions in real time.

Connect your people, assets and data.

Transform the customer experience.


Enhance Performance with enterprise scanners, mobile computers, tablets and printers.

More is expected of you every day, and as a result, you expect more from your technology—more efficiency, more accuracy, more durability. That’s why Zebra engineers scanners, mobile computers, tablets and printers with one purpose—to help you perform even better.

Using decades of innovation, Zebra designs every product with you in mind. Your day-to-day tasks. Your work conditions. Your pressures. Discover your performance edge with scanners, mobile computers, tablets and printers with features and form factors made for you.

Mobile computers and tablets.

Zebra computer and tablets empower you to do your best work.

The largest and fastest-growing portfolio, each with an intuitive interface you’ll recognise. Made for work—rugged and ultra-secure matched with an exclusive suite of software, apps and utilities to accelerate productivity and improve decision making at the point of work. For over 50 years, Zebra has been the unmatched global leader in rugged mobility and why more organisations trust Zebra more than any other manufacturer in the world.


Print confident. Print secure. Print Zebra. 

You don’t have time for printer failure. Printers should perform flawlessly, almost invisibly. But when they’re down, so are your operations. Skip the stress with Zebra. Engineered to be hassle-free, Zebra printers deliver the autonomy, intelligence—and unlike other brands, security—that give you peace of mind and a genuine sense of protection.

Barcode scanners.

Consistent scanning. No surprises. Just scan. 

Scan anything, anywhere—no matter what. With Zebra, you'll never worry about torn barcodes or harsh environments. Zebra scanning abilities anticipate any scanning situation and challenge, providing superior visibility and real-time analytics. With over 50 years of field-proven innovation, you're safeguarded by a Zebra mindset that accepts no limitations and anticipates every challenge.

Healthcare portfolio.

Data connectivity and communication matter. 

Provide patient-centric care with purpose-built healthcare technology. Ensuring the right patient receives the right care at the right time is critical. Zebra's healthcare technology solutions help your care team provide a higher level of patient care by connecting them to the patient data, clinicians and providers they need, in real time.

Zebra is at the forefront of innovating the latest technology solutions in healthcare—from patient identity to mobile healthcare and real-time intelligence—empowering front line staff with a performance edge to deliver the best patient care.



Always one step ahead.

Zebra’s customised ecosystem of enterprise solutions allows your organisation to reach new levels of performance from the front lines.

Be more efficient, effective and empowered. Get in touch today for an industry-specific offer!



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