BERNINA International AG is known for the highest quality standards in textile processing and is increasingly confronted with threats such as cyber attacks, technical failures and other emergencies that could jeopardise production continuity. In a world where the availability and functionality of IT systems are crucial to business success, it was essential for BERNINA to develop a functioning IT emergency concept that goes beyond traditional security measures and increases the company’s resilience even in exceptional situations.


In co-operation with Bechtle, BERNINA has developed a comprehensive IT emergency concept that not only focuses on specific systems such as core applications, but also offers holistic coverage of all critical IT services. The customised concept includes Risk and business impact analysis:

  • a thorough assessment of the potential risks and their impact on the business in order to prioritise the emergency response and take appropriate precautions.
  • Definition of RTO and RPO: Definition of Recovery Time Objectives (RTO) and Recovery Point Objectives (RPO), which are critical to determine the maximum tolerable downtime and data loss.
  • Creation of IT emergency scenarios and the IT emergency manual: Development of a detailed manual that includes communication plans, organisational structures, responsibilities and priorities for the emergency response as well as detailed recovery plans.
  • Measures and implementation: Implementation of the recommended measures to improve operational security, including staff training to optimise response capabilities.

The concept was developed in close co-operation between Bechtle’s consultants and the BERNINA team. A comprehensive risk matrix and an emergency response plan were developed, which was then tested and optimised in practice. During the development process, discussions were held with all relevant contact persons at BERNINA and the Bechtle specialists. The criticality of IT services was discussed in order to assess department-specific processes, tolerable downtimes, financial effects and worst-case scenarios. The tolerance limit was defined by BERNINA’s management and from then on served as a “red line” for the IT emergency concept.

The project placed a special focus on being able to handle individual situations. As emergencies do not usually follow a “standardised procedure”, an emergency manual was developed that is tailored to the specific needs of BERNINA and the chronological sequence of emergencies. Therefore, not only the effects of emergency scenarios were taken into account, but also the reporting channels, causes and customised response steps were developed.”

With the completion of the project, BERNINA is now equipped with a tool to be prepared for emergencies and to be accompanied step by step in analysing, reacting, escalating, coping and communicating.

By working with Bechtle, we have received an IT emergency concept that is not only comprehensive, but also tailored specifically to our needs. The precise implementation by Bechtle impressed us and gives us the confidence that we are well prepared for crisis situations.

Amerigo De Santis, Head of IT, BERNINA International AG
Business benefits.

The IT emergency concept developed by Bechtle provides BERNINA with a robust basis for coping with IT emergencies. The improvement of IT security and the reduction of potential business interruptions increase resilience and support continuous production. BERNINA is now able to respond quickly and effectively to emergencies, ensuring minimal disruption to business.