Customer stories.

Rotair Bahn: Cable car on a stick.

“The 3D USB sticks are distributed all over the world and even in tourist offices in various countries. The Rotair cable car has a very high recognition value and the golden lettering looks very elegant. We have put a preload with various marketing material—such as brochures —on the sticks and thus provide our customers with important information. These types of sticks are extremely different from the normal sticks and have been produced to our complete satisfaction and attention to detail. We’re very pleased with the quality of the sticks. ”


Adolf Blum

Business cards with a little bit extra.

“We were looking for an effective promotional gift for sales events like trade fairs and customer visits. Due to the already existing cooperation with one of our partner hotels, we have commissioned. The credit card USB sticks are very convenient and lightweight, making them a perfect marketing tool ”


Laura Mooser
Marketing Assistant
THE BÜRGENSTOCK SELECTION, Katara Hospitality Switzerland AG

Popular souvenirs.

“We use these USB sticks to market the Jungfrau Railway worldwide. As a tourist company, we provide customers all around the globe with information that is stored on the sticks. They are convenient, easy-to-use and an ideal tool to support our sales efforts. We’re very pleased with the quality of the USB sticks. ”


Daniela Fuchs
Head of Sales
Jungfraubahnen Management AG

3D USB sticks.

“The 3D USB stick in the shape of the pharmacist’s cross with illuminated LED is an ideal connection to our customers and the perfect advertising medium for us. The detailed and realistic implementation convinced us and was an absolute eye-catcher at the Pharma Davos event.”


Stefan Ming
Head of General Procurement CH/AT

Amazing 3D.

“We wanted the impossible, and the specialists made it possible. We were very impressed! Our project was to create a 3D USB stick in the shape of an OfficeJet Pro X printer. In the meantime, we have already received several enquiries from our partners as to whether they can order some. ”


Mr Richard Bus
Marketing PPS department
HP Netherlands, Amstelveen


“USB sticks blend promotion and productivity unlike any other giveaway. It was highly professional in delivering our Snickers USB sticks. The finished product looks fantastic, and our employees and customers are always excited to receive them. ”


Petra Kaufmann
Brand Manager Chocolate Bars

Almost identical.

“Our LUMIX cameras have a very high recognition value. For the launch of our interchangeable lens camera DMC-GM1, we therefore chose a 3D USB stick. This fits perfectly into our marketing concept. The quality of the end product and the cooperation with the ARP project specialists can hardly be topped. ”


Flavio Weber
Product Manager Optical
Panasonic Switzerland

Lead belly – USB stick in truck design.

While looking for an unusual promotional gift, someone suggested the idea of a suitably shaped USB stick. What started out as a whim is now a bright red Schöni flash-memory eight-wheeler.


Nicola Lazzara is the head of sales and marketing at Schöni Transport AG. Lazzarra had just joined the company, this little USB lorry made for a great start: “The design is a real success. The bright red Schöni artic lorry with our company logo looks just like the real thing”.

Put your gift in the spotlight.

Ladina Bamert-Robbi, Marketing Communication Coordinator: “We have found a reliable partner who has realised a high-quality customer gift for us—as high-quality as our products are. The specially created USB stick, in the shape of our innovative breast milk teat Calma, was realised according to our wishes. The unusual packaging makes the stick stand out even more.”

Your success is our success.

Ivan Legnini, Product Manager Value Added Distribution: “With the Symantec shield as a USB stick, we wanted to stand out from the crowd and offer our customers a very special gift. The stick not only has a unique shape, but is also of very high quality. My enquiry for this project was answered promptly and thoroughly and the Promotion Products team did an excellent job on my behalf.”