Onsite services. 

Bechtle also offers highly-qualified specialists for short-term IT projects and operations.

We’ll find the highly-qualified and experienced experts you need for just the period you need them for. What’s more, we’ll make sure that they have the expert knowledge you need. Only then can we guarantee that your IT projects will run smoothly and profitably.  

Companies often have to react quickly to changes.

But how can they find the IT staff they need at such short notice? Do you need specific IT knowledge for a project or for a specific period of time? Are you suffering from a last minute staff shortage?


Recruiting IT specialists is getting harder every day.

By choosing Bechtle Onsite Services, you can tap right into the whole breadth of the Bechtle Group’s expert pool and beyond. Our proven partnerships with recruiting agencies help us fill the gap fast—for us, and for our customers.


Best of all.

We don’t just find people, we also obtain references, conduct interviews, and maintain our own technical certification programmes to ensure you receive quality services on all accounts. The mandate includes all related management and fully qualified holiday or sick leave cover.

Your benefits.

  • Better qualified resources without the price tag
  • More freedom to drive your business
  • Flexibility and scalability
  • From on-call to permanent staff
  • Flexible invoicing models
  • Free up your HR department
  • A weight off the shoulders of your HR department, who can also pick suitable experts from our database
  • Try and then hire
  • Recruitment services
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