Hyper-simple: Hyper-convergent infrastructures consolidate your existing IT on a single platform.

Everything on a single platform—that’s what you get with hyper-convergent HPE SimpliVity infrastructures. Experience benefits including a full cost accounting and live demo on-site at your company.


Hyper-convergent infrastructures consolidate your current IT infrastructure, extended data services, and virtual environments on a single platform. The solution is so simple they called it HPE SimpliVity. Performance, simplicity, and efficiency united. The result is cloud agility with enterprise-class power. Boost your capacities quickly and simply and only use the technologies your company really needs!



The benefits of HPE SimpliVity.

  • Up to 73% lower TCO
  • Guaranteed data efficiency
  • Up to 90% less capacity required thanks to compression and deduplication
  • More flexibility and performance
  • Less IT architecture complexity
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Full cost accounting and live demo.

Together with HPE, we will show you have to further develop your data centre with a hyper-convergent infrastructure. Experience the simplicity, performance, and affordability of HPE SimpliVity with a full cost accounting and live demo, right on-site at your company:

  • The basics of a hyper-convergent infrastructure
  • Operational efficiency
  • Scalability options
  • Cost savings
  • Quicker implementation and savings with higher IT productivity
  • Critical features, functions and benefits of hyper-convergent infrastructures
  • Switch to a hyper-convergent infrastructure

Why Bechtle?

Bechtle has been offering IT solutions for SMEs for over 20 years. We are a certified HPE Platinum Partner and HPE SimpliVity expert with experience from numerous projects.


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