Network virtualisation, security and the software-defined data centre (SDDC).

VMware NSX Data Center offers a completely new operating mode for software-defined networks and forms the basis for the software-defined data centre (SDDC). Data centre operators can reach a level of agility, security and profitability that was always out of reach when the data centre network was connected to physical hardware components.


NSX Data Center offers a complete set of network elements and services including logical switching, routing, firewalling, load balancing, VPN, Quality of Service (QoS) and monitoring, which are deployed in virtual networks via any cloud management platforms that use NSX Data Center APIs. Virtual networks are provisioned via any existing network hardware without interruption.

Micro-segmentation with VMware NSX.

Traditional security solutions have been developed to protect the perimeter. Applications and data are increasingly distributed meaning they are often spread across several locations and also a number of clouds. This make it much more difficult to know where exactly the perimeter is and therefore also to secure it. 

But even when it has been reliably identified, perimeter protection isn’t enough. East-west traffic within a virtual environment also has to be secured as this makes up the majority of network traffic. Instead of being a second thought, VMware NSX makes security an integral component of the infrastructure from which apps and data are run.

Benefits and uses of VMware NSX network virtualisation.

  • Micro-segmentation and granular security for each individual workload
  • Control over east-west traffic within virtual infrastructures
  • Definition of new security zones within the existing networks without the need to change IP addresses or guest operating systems
  • Network deployment times reduced from days to seconds plus enhanced operating efficiency thanks to automation
  • Workload mobility regardless of the physical network topology within and between data centres
  • Increased security and advanced network services through a leading third party’s ecosystem

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