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Adobe Captivate is the leading solution for rapid development and administration of multimedia e-learning content. Import presentations from Microsoft PowerPoint. Add multimedia, application simulations, branching scenarios and tests. Prepare content for virtually any medium.

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Manufacturer no.: PPDPER0390-A Country variant: Europe

Bechtle no.: 4660337

Architecture: 32/64 bit, Product language: German, English, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, Operating system: Windows, Segment: Corporate, Type: Licence, perpetual


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Kofax Power PDF

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Manufacturer no.: 65309836BA01A12 Country variant: Europe

Bechtle no.: 4533909

Duration: 12 month(s), Product language: German, English, Spanish, French, Italian, Operating system: Windows, Segment: Corporate, Type: Subscription


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Key office applications such as Word and Excel.

Office applications are a routine part of everyday business. Without them, your computer would be virtually useless. Reports, charts, calculations, presentations, invoices—these are all handled by office software. And Microsoft is the undisputed leader in this domain, with Word, Excel and PowerPoint having become indispensable in our daily tasks. offers not only the latest versions of these programs, but also a broad selection of products from  other brands. You’ll find convenient suites, useful add-ons and individual niche programs. The choice is yours.


Discover office programs and useful add-ons.

Although office programs feature a variety of functions, helpful templates and user-friendly interfaces, sometimes you need a specific add-on for a particular purpose. Businesses especially are keen on them, as they provide manifold options to streamline work. Add-ons enable you, for instance, to jot down thoughts and ideas as they occur to you, sign documents more quickly, convert file formats, and simplify coordination and appointment planning. You can order software upgrades that perfectly match your requirements. They may seem simplistic at first, but you’ll soon discover how beneficial they are in your daily work.


Sophisticated software for all types of office work.

Desktop publishing, design and graphics software, file management programs, statistics tools and other office applications support your employees in their daily tasks. Stay abreast of the latest trends and learn about the latest business products. You’ll find the right programs and add-ons for your environment, whether it’s Windows, Mac or Linux-based. Discover our large selection of products at and conveniently order what you need online— whether it’s Microsoft Office, Adobe Acrobat, Prezi or something else entirely.