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Manufacturer no.: LIC-AV09Z-W00-3.0-A

Bechtle no.: 104409211

Architecture: 32/64 bit, Segment: Corporate, Product language: German Germany, English United States, Spanish Spain, French France, Italian Italy, Japanese, Operating system: Windows, Type: Licence, perpetual


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Manufacturer no.: ACSBLBENS21

Bechtle no.: 4096102

Segment: Corporate, Duration: 1 year(s), Product language: English United States, Operating system: Undefined, Type: Licence, perpetual


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Manufacturer no.: AAA-03530-D

Bechtle no.: 100203693


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Manufacturer no.: AAA-03530-C

Bechtle no.: 100203692


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Manufacturer no.: AAA-03530-B

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Manufacturer no.: AAA-03525-D

Bechtle no.: 100203689


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Manufacturer no.: AAA-03525-C

Bechtle no.: 100203688


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Manufacturer no.: AAA-03525-B

Bechtle no.: 100203687


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Manufacturer no.: AAA-03525-A

Bechtle no.: 100203686


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Manufacturer no.: AAA-03260-D

Bechtle no.: 100203637


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Manufacturer no.: AAA-03260-C

Bechtle no.: 100203636


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Manufacturer no.: AAA-03260-B

Bechtle no.: 100203635


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Cutting your files down to size.

Companies regularly process large data volumes. It can be useful to compress films, videos, images and other large files to make them easier and faster to send by e-mail or store on a USB stick. Various data compression tools are available, such as the popular WinZip Pro. IRISCompressor is also useful for bringing enormous files—particularly images and PDFs—down to a manageable size. And if you need advice on which utilities and tools will serve you best, our product managers are happy to help.


Remote maintenance and e-learning.

One of the benefits of living in a networked world is that we’re able to access data and computers from anywhere. For instance, useful tools such as TeamViewer Business and Bomgar Remote Support enable remote PC maintenance, so your IT specialist doesn’t have to trudge up five flights of stairs just to troubleshoot a software issue. E-learning is also a worthwhile use of remote-access technology. Microsoft IT Academy, for instance, lets your employees attend online training for specialist programs. Choose between traditional group classes with specific dates and times and the flexibility of MOC on-demand courses.


Find your way with Microsoft tools.

Microsoft Bing Maps shows you the world from various perspectives—with razor-sharp clarity. Use it to review itineraries and verify locations online before heading out the door on your next business trip. At, we offer various tools to help you plan routes and edit maps. You’ll also find a large selection of other useful programs, such as SmartDraw Business, a high-performance software that lets you create business charts and other types of visual graphics that have become the standard in companies.