HCI Apps.

AHV – Nutanix Hypervisor.

A truly invisible infrastructure requires virtualisation.

Virtualisation is no longer a complex layer of the IT stack that is licensed, deployed, and managed separately. Nutanix AHV is a native virtualisation that’s developed for businesses and included with Enterprise Cloud OS.


Virtualisation already included.

Thanks to integrated virtualisation, your teams can focus on innovation.


Run every application.

Deploy enterprise virtualisation for all workloads.


Integrated Management.

Say goodbye to fragmentary strategies and a plethora of products.


Lower Your Costs.

Without virtualisation licences and thanks to reduced complexity, you save time and money.


Modern data centres struggle under the weight of complexity and the cost of virtualisation, 
but the age of the cloud, it should be invisible —
integrated, powerful and licence-free.


Prism – Infrastructure management minus the headache.

Manage all your virtual environments running under AOS seamlessly and easily. Prism simplifies and streamlines common workflows to make hypervisor and workload management as easy as checking your e-mail.


Uniform Dashboard.

Unleash the power of Prism in your data centre.


Simple Management.

Handle most management tasks with a simple click.


Deep Analytics.

View your environment in granular detail, or from 10,000 feet.


Self Service.

Give your developers the freedom to deploy their own resources.

Manage and analyse all your Nutanix Enterprise Cloud resources comprehensively, seamlessly and simply.

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