VDI on Nutanix.

Deploy secure an stable virtual applications with a click of a button.


Simplify processes – Maximise productivity – Minimise risks.

Today’s businesses strive to give their end users quick and easy access to workflows and apps, including data. This is easy to implement with a Nutanix VDI environment, which is also very easy to learn.


Solution brief.

Click here to view the solution brief compiled with Citrix:


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Expand your VDI with DaaS (Desktop as a Service).

Companies are modernising in order to offer their employees more flexibility in how, where and when they work, and—in the age of BYOD—which devices they use. These days, Desktop as a Service is often used in addition to VDI. As DaaS outsources most of the work needed for provisioning, management and support, the operational and TCO benefits can be significant.


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