For many years, the One Tree One Life reforestation campaign by the non-profit BOS Schweiz foundation has been working to protect endangered orangutans and conserve their habitat in the jungles of Borneo, Indonesia. One of the campaign’s sponsoring partners is Zurich Insurance Company Ltd. A long-term customer of Bechtle direct, the insurer is planting tree seedlings for every Help Point appointment set up via its website.

Now, Bechtle direct and Zurich are taking another step together. Every time Zurich’s purchases from Bechtle direct exceed an agreed sales milestone, volunteers with BOS Schweiz and staff of the BOS foundation, together with local partners, will plant seedlings that are endemic to Borneo and will make sure they grow strong for the next five years. In this way, Bechtle direct and Zurich are contributing to conservation efforts for the orangutans’ habitats, the rain forests, and the climate.


Reforestation with endemic and endangered trees is a lifeline for the orangutans, other species that are on the brink of extinction, and of course our climate. Besides the young trees, the BOS foundation also works to protect the still healthy primary rainforest and restore valuable peat swamp forests which not only form a unique ecosystem but also store and trap enormous amounts of carbon dioxide—many times more than all the other forests on the planet combined. By recovering these peatlands and restoring natural fire protection through planting new trees, BOS efficiently combines the conservation of the climate, the rainforest and its wildlife.

Together with Bechtle direct, we’re able to make a meaningful contribution for more sustainability. That’s why we’re committed to sponsoring the One Tree One Life project for the long term. Every time our purchases from Bechtle direct reach a certain threshold, BOS will plant new trees in Indonesia’s rain forest, which help protect the climate as well as the orangutans’ imperilled habitats.

Daniela Florentina Predescu, Sourcing Specialist Procurement & Vendor Management, Zurich Insurance Company Ltd

Business benefits.

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