The ICT Client Management and Service Desk department of the Bad Zurzach + Baden Health Promotion Foundation looks  after a total of 1,200 users throughout the entire group of companies. The hardware used is distributed across the 14 locations of the Foundation’s operations in German-speaking Switzerland - from rehabilitation and prevention clinics to thermal baths and the Mauritiushof Gallery. The Stiftung Gesundheitsförderung Bad Zurzach + Baden relies mainly on the manufacturer HP Inc. because of its good experience.

When a major hardware replacement was due, the ICT department wanted to expand the Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) previously booked with Bechtle: Bechtle was now to coordinate and carry out the entire rollout. The main focus for the foundation was that no space was needed for staging and the costs could be better calculated. At the same time, the internal administrative effort is reduced to almost zero.

Together with Bechtle, the ICT Client Management and Service Desk department worked out a standardised concept that covers all the needs for the rollout process throughout the company.


400 HP notebooks were to be replaced with new HP EliteBook 840s. 220 HP desktop computers were to be replaced with HP ProDesk 600s. And 300 HP t530/t540 ThinClients replaced the previous HP Thin Clients. In addition, there were 750 new HP E243i and HP E24i G4 displays and 100 Microsoft Surfaces. For the rollout of the devices, which were rented for a period of 36 (Surface), 48 (HP notebooks and desktops) or 60 (displays) months, in the various foundation operations, Bechtle and the foundation defined two purchase models that build on each other: the rollout light and a full service concept. Whereas with the light service the devices are merely delivered ready for operation, the full service also offers the physical installation and dismantling on site.

For both services, data preparation is carried out at the foundation’s Bad Zurzach location and staging at Bechtle. The hardware is loaded with the appropriate software remotely via a secure line to Bechtle, directly by the foundation. This is an important fact, because on the one hand the foundation has control over the software that is installed, and on the other hand the fuelling can be changed flexibly at any time.

Therefore, if a procurement request is received at the foundation headquarters in Bad Zurzach, it triggers the ordering process at Bechtle if necessary. Order handling, storage and logistics of the equipment are the responsibility of Bechtle.
The appropriate premises for setting up, assembling and inventorying all the equipment are also located there. The foundation headquarters in Bad Zurzach itself creates the inventory number and gives it to Bechtle, where a serial number is assigned to the device. Bechtle sticks the inventory label on the device in a previously defined position before delivery. What would cost the foundation a lot of time and personnel, Bechtle takes care of. The hardware is also tested for functionality there. Finally, Bechtle repacks the devices and delivers them to the desired location. As part of the full service, Bechtle technical staff is on site, installs computers such as monitors, and takes the old devices back with them.

Bechtle then deletes the data on them and disposes of the hardware. The repair of defective hardware is also part of Bechtle’s service.

The lifecycle management of the clients by Bechtle has only advantages for us. It is effective, because the workplace costs can be calculated concretely. Moreover, no investments are necessary for the rollout. This is an enormous advantage for our customers. We simply pass on the fixed costs per device plus the management fee in a transparent manner. So it’s clear to everyone involved what they’re paying for right from the start. Bechtle understood us and implemented exactly what we needed. Such a flexible partner is rare.

Christine Neubacher, Team Head ICT Client Management and Servicedesk, Stiftung Gesundheitsförderung Bad Zurzach + Baden

Business benefits.

With Bechtle, the Stiftung Gesundheitsförderung Bad Zurzach + Baden gets everything from a single source from a single point of contact: from order handling and repair to data deletion at the end of the life cycle. All of this saves the foundation a considerable amount of personnel.

Otherwise, two full-time employees would have been needed to roll out the 1,770 new components. Instead, the administrative work for the foundation is reduced to ordering, staging and refuelling - with the last two processes being almost fully automated. The foundation also saves space, because the space-intensive test set-up of the devices and the packaging of old devices is carried out at and by Bechtle.

The clearly defined standard hardware bundles, the two purchase models and the rollout costs specified per device make ordering simple and the costs transparent. This in turn facilitates budgeting. Bechtle also monitors the rental contracts and updates expiring hardware and software.

This means that the foundation no longer has to worry about the age of the installed fleet.