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The health care sector is facing a digital upheaval. Cost pressure, resource bottlenecks and increased regulatory requirements determine the agenda of those responsible. New, binding legal requirements such as the "Medical Device Regulation" make the digital management of assets necessary.

One approach to meeting these requirements is the use of smart and innovative IoT/AI solutions. This requires a future-proof partner with know-how on which solutions bring added value and how to integrate them into the existing IT infrastructure.  A partner who has an industry-specific portfolio of IoT/AI solutions and can cover the entire range from use case consulting and planning to operation and service of the solution.


Bechtle IoT/AI Services. Everything from a single source.

Taking on the IoT/AI challenge – Secure, smart scalable.

Implementing a highly versatile IoT solution requires a keen eye on security, complexity and, most of all, scalability. Customers in healthcare, too, benefit greatly from our trademark diligence, with extensive IoT expertise and a strong partner network spliced into our DNA as an IT systems integrator, giving you everything you need from a single source—from hardware and services, to infrastructure, IoT/AI platforms, and even custom software and applications.

That’s how we support the entire IoT lifecycle and make sure you can empower forward-facing, patient-centred healthcare. In clinics, care homes and other healthcare organisations, IoT and AI solutions can make a vital contribution to relieving caregivers and back office workers, reining in costs, streamlining processes, and unlocking all new efficiencies. For instance, smart IoT applications may be used to monitor bed occupancy, efficiently manage medical assets, and control facility applications including environmental parameters such as temperature or air quality, and much more.

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The benefits at a glance:

Scalable and secure — on-premise and in the cloud.

Efficient and optimised — from cost management to processes.

Smart and easy — monitor and control your asset.

For staff and patients—relieve admin and caregivers and focus on the people.

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How the Bechtle Control Suite relieves staff in hospitals and care institutions.

Automated temperature monitoring.

The Bechtle Control Suite can be used to monitor temperatures in rooms or also in, for example, medical and refrigeration cabinets. The aim of the solution is to achieve an administrative relief for the staff in the area of temperature controls.

Today's temperature measurements are often made using temperature loggers, which have to be read out manually and may have to be replaced annually. Your employees thus have a considerable (additional) effort, not only for handling, but also for checking and recording the temperature data. The temperature logger is replaced once a year.  This is neither economical nor sustainable, which is precisely why we have developed the Bechtle Control Suite for our customers.


Field-tested and forward-facing — No base left uncovered.

Our big-picture approach and focus on turnkey solutions is reflected in our end-to-end IoT/AI solutions portfolio, from consulting on IoT use cases and technologies, to digital and physical products, all the way to rollout and operation services. This is backed by extensive project experience and the continuous advancement of our IoT competence to give you nothing less than complete peace of mind. In the DACH region alone, we have more than 80 dedicated IoT experts at your service, with years of accumulated experience across developing digital products, IoT deployments, connectivity and analytics.

Our partnerships with leading IoT/AI companies mean you get the absolute best in flexible and modular software and infrastructure platforms for a great variety of specific use cases in healthcare.


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Bechtle Control Suite | Use digitalisation & automation efficiently.
Efficient use of digitalisation & automation with the IoT-based Bechtle Control Suite. Moderate costs & scalable to your business.

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