Into the cloud in 4 steps.


Higher productivity, more flexibility, more storage space, leaner processes—digitalisation is changing companies’ requirements. Tailored, powerful and scalable cloud services help to meet them. They open the door to many new opportunities for companies to achieve their own goals.


But steps should you take now? Which service providers and cloud solutions are the best? How can you migrate your company to the cloud? And how safe are data in the cloud really?


Bechtle has the answers. With our approach, you are only four steps away from your own, perfectly tailored and secure cloud solution. From the initial analysis to employee training—we’re by your side on your path to the future.


A detailed inventory is the foundation of a cloud solution that meets all your company’s requirements. How is your IT architecture set up? What are your company’s goals for the future? How can cloud services help you to achieve them? Our IT business architects will help you answer these critical questions.


To harmonise your IT with your business strategy.


Our approach

We analysis your company in three steps:


Business assessment

During the business assessment, we try and gain an exact overview of the status quo Using workshops, interviews and the Bechtle Cloud-Readiness Check, which is an extensive catalogue of questions aimed at determining how ready your company is for the cloud.

IT assessment

The IT infrastructure is at the core of your company and a critical starting point for cloud services. We precisely analyse the current set up, performance and existing resources.


Delta analysis

What can your existing IT offer? What are your exact goals? How can we close the gaps between the two? We use a GAP analysis to find out the answers.



As soon as your company's current situation and goals have been clearly defined, our solution architects work with you to plan the perfect cloud environment.


Would a private, hybrid or multi-cloud be better? How does each of these environments look? Which workloads are created by using SaaS, PaaS and IaaS services? We’ll take all of this into account when we design your individual cloud.


Here’s where it gets serious: As soon as we’ve set up your cloud environment, we’ll define project milestones and success criteria. From the theory grows a detailed roadmap that leads you step-by-step to your individual cloud solution. Not a single aspect of the implementation process is forgotten: From cost transparency and licensing to time management and employee training—leave it to us.

Our approach

You take it easy and let us take the reins. Our solution architects narrow down the choices based on the results of the detailed analysis, select offers, provide ready-made example models and combine internal and external solutions to create the perfect cloud solution for your needs.

Our approach

Service and support right up until the cloud goes live—that’s our promise. Alongside a roadmap, we also offer a range of packages and cost models that are tailored to your needs and vision and make the decision-making a piece of cake. And when it comes to the products you’ve chosen, we also want to make sure you have the best overview. From your personal cloud dashboard, you can view your purchased cloud services, their status, licences and prices whenever you like.



Cloud implemented, so goodbye? Not with us! We are your partner for all questions, requests and adjustments around your selected cloud solution.


Want to make changes to your cloud services? Want to expand on what you have? Questions about how to use your new IT? No problem. Our skilled service and customer success managers and their teams are by your side. Because your satisfaction is at the heart of what we do.


Our approach

We offer continuous, monthly service and customer success management. To make your business fit for the cloud in every way and to keep it that way, you’ll also benefit from our tailored training and extensive consultation services.