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Hybrid working has taught us that productivity doesn’t necessarily depend on the daily commute. New work gives us the flexibility to decide where we work best on any given job. For the office to remain a relevant part of work life, it’s essential to completely rethink its design.

The digital office offers many advantages for companies. Not only will you reduce costs, you also require less physical space for archiving. And less paper used means more natural resources saved.

Thanks to booking systems for rooms and workspaces, you are also enhancing your employees’ self-management. Digitalisation, automation and process optimisation mean that you can securely and swiftly edit and share documents, while a digital search engine also helps you to access required files quickly, leading to more productive and efficient collaboration.

The lack of a skilled workforce is a factor currently limiting economic growth in many countries and has become HR departments’ main issue. For many companies, finding and retaining highly qualified employees in the numbers required is the most difficult task in the overall corporate strategy,

but what makes a company attractive to both younger generations and experienced employees looking for a career change? Most employees aren’t drawn by the money or fast and powerful cars. According to a 2018 IDG study, the most important criteria today is flexible working hours that enable a positive work-life balance.

Without modern IT infrastructures, there can be no flexible, efficient working methods in the future.


Deciding factors
Employee ranking

Flexible working hours for a better work-life balance


Excellent IT with mobile end devices and fast network connection


Location-agnostic working and less in-office presence required


More teamwork, team decisions and flat hierarchies


Ergonomic workplaces for enhanced wellbeing


Enterprise-wide information management and groupware with access from anywhere


Use of own devices in office


Own company car also for private use


(Mean values, survey rank: Eight criteria, sorted by relevance, n = 344)

The above implies that mediocre and even badly equipped workplaces put off candidates and lead to dissatisfaction among existing employees therefore, to gain qualified employees and keep them for the long term, being up-to-date is essential.

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From modern office concepts to process automation.
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The cloud and the paperless office.

In order to centralise and make data accessible from everywhere, companies and organisations require the right software and cloud solutions that fully comply with rigorous legal requirements. and give employees access to all the information they require without the need for paper. This is a case in point of what’s so revolutionary about the paperless office—an overarching view of processes and ways of working. Everything has to mesh together perfectly to enable employees to work together with ease, even outside of the office and when no paper is to be seen. 

Digital office – Supported by the modern Digital Workplace.

The paperless office is far more than all of the above as modern working methods require far more than just rethinking paper use. Many companies have opted for shared desks—a hybrid workplace concept where some employees work in the office while others work from home. This is where digital tools can help to keep an overview and simplify room and workplace management and resource planning. Whether conference rooms are occupied or can be booked at short notice can be easily displayed with digital room signage.

Digital office

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Mike Bernard
Mike Bernard

Sales Consultant Modern Workplace, Bechtle direct AG


With flexible workspaces and a location-agnostic office policy, your employees can work from anywhere. This way, we achieve optimal working conditions and a better work-life balance.

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