Modern Workplace deployment

Modern deployment and management.


Nowadays IT departments are part and parcel of value creation and drivers of new business models. To provide the necessary leeway to meet these requirements, IT employees should be relieved of routine tasks. Modern deployment and device management should therefore be an essential part of every sustainable IT strategy.

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All endpoints can be managed through a Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) interface with the most well-known including MobileIron10, Microsoft Endpoint Manager/Intune11 and VMware Workspace ONE12. Device management can also be procured from us as a managed service.

Modern device management solutions can identify potential problems on end devices and proactively resolve them before they become an issue, taking a considerable load off help desks.

Another important feature is the monitoring of and compliance with security policies and data protection regulations. Administrators can use the management console to define which data can be accessed from an end device and if that data can be shared. They are also able to remotely lock and wipe lost or stolen devices.

Furthermore, modern management consoles also allow applications to be centrally managed. Employees automatically receive the apps they need to do their work during onboarding while a company app store allows them to download and install others themselves. Any updates are then carried out automatically through the management platform. It’s not just IT that benefits from this overarching view of devices and applications. Finance and controlling also have much better insight of resources and how they are used enabling a much more viable evaluation of assets and risks, which in turn facilitates budget planning.


Windows Autopilot.

Windows Autopilot is a collection of tools based on Microsoft Endpoint Manager and Azure AD that enables IT administrators to prepare clients so the employees can use them without having to actually touch them at all.



Mike Bernard
Mike Bernard

Sales Consultant Modern Workplace, Bechtle direct AG


With the right hardware and strategy, your IT workspaces are deployed and managed quickly, efficiently and securely.

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