Modern Workplace user adoption

User adoption and change management.


The people in your organisation, just as much as new technologies and work styles, are pivotal for the success of a consistent digital transformation strategy and how well change is embedded in your business for years to come.

We’ll help you and your team exploit the full potential of your tech.

With individual measures, you can get your employees onboard and give them the security they need to embrace change.

Motivate your team for change as you introduce a Modern Workplace and tap into Bechtle’s capabilities every step of the way along your individual journey.

Modern Workplace

Ensure success and capitalise on your investment.


employee motivation

through an employee-centric introduction that emphasises benefits and generates a positive user experience

workplace efficiency

thanks to customised templates, workshops and clear usage guidelines to avoid inconsistencies and maximise in-house productivity

return on investment

through an employee-centric introduction that emphasises benefits and generates a positive user experience

operating costs

through an employee-centric introduction that relieves support and allows faster decommissioning of legacy systems


We kick things off with a ‘first steps’ workshop to define objectives and messaging to create a shared understanding of user adoption and change management methods. Our modular offering can be tailored to your needs and we are by your side every step of the way—from rollout to ensuring the changes are embedded into operations.

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Armin Barmettler
Achim Barmettler

Head of Workplace Solutions, Bechtle direct AG


Take modern working to the next level, boost your attractiveness as an employer and improve satisfaction within your team all with the right strategies.

Book an individual workshop on
user adoption and change management!

Our experts will work with you to discover your requirements and align the content of an extensive workshop with what really matters to you—on-site or online. We’ll tailor a workshop to your needs and requirements to find the right solution for your company together. After the workshop, you’ll receive a personalised solution concept.

Want more?

Does your digital transformation to the Modern Workplace entail a change to your office interior? We can be there every step of the way with our partner from ideating to realising the workspace that employees expect and love.


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