Joachim Dieth, Managing Director Bechtle Ober-Moerlen


Why is Ober-Moerlen an ideal Bechtle location?
The location Bechtle Ober-Mörlen, located in the middle of Hessen, offers the starting point for an optimal service coverage for our customers. A good traffic connection is given by the direct proximity to the A5, Hessen's main traffic artery. From here, our technicians can reach all our customer locations within 1.5 hours. The location in the countryside, in a listed building, offers a pleasant and representative working environment which inspires customers, suppliers or other Bechtle colleagues again and again. Due to the fact that all employees have been with the company for many years (on average for more than 13 years), there is a very trusting and cooperative working atmosphere.

What distinguishes your team on site?
Our own technicians provide IT solutions in the areas of client management and server & storage with firmly defined service level agreements throughout Hessen. The team is characterized on the one hand by a high level of commitment and passion in working together with our customers and on the other hand by years of experience in supporting these customers. There is a high level of competence in the area of public clients, which is lived in all phases of the entire IT lifecycle process. The concentration of all organisational units at one location (management, project and logistics planning, warehouse, installation centre) enables the greatest possible efficiency and flexibility. Due to many years of ISO9001 certification, all employees, but also all processes, are focused on achieving high customer satisfaction.


Why is Bechtle Ober-Moerlen an attractive partner for customers?
For more than 25 years, we have been offering our customers an all-round lived and optimized IT lifecycle process in the IT workplace environment. Starting with the selection and procurement of hardware, to the personalized installation of client systems, their delivery and installation at the customer's workstation, the inventory and the service of the purchased hardware over up to 60 months. As a member of the Bechtle Group, we can offer our customers numerous synergy effects in the areas of purchasing & logistics, new technologies, manufacturer contacts as well as excellent solution and technical expertise. This makes us available to our customers as a strong and reliable partner for the future.

Where do you see Bechtle location Ober-Moerlen in ten years?
Ten years from now, Bechtle Ober-Mörlen will continue to support its customers as a reliable and flexible service provider in the field of IT lifecycle service for workplace hardware. The world of end devices will continue to change until then. We will support our customers in this by working shoulder to shoulder with our suppliers and manufacturers. Because even in an ever more digitized world, end devices are needed that must be made available as "windows" into future information technology. This has been our core business for 25 years.


What is the biggest challenge in the IT industry?
We have been closely observing the development of the PC and notebook market for a long time. Here we can see that in recent years the number of potential manufacturers and suppliers has consolidated and thus also reduced. Due to the values demanded by our customers and also by us, such as reliability, continuity and quality of client products, there are high demands on both existing and future manufacturer partners. We are already seeing shifts from the classic PC to the notebook or from the notebook to the tablet computer.





We see the accompaniment of our customers to the "Modern Workplace" as our core tasks in the near future.

Joachim Dieth


What was the most exciting highlight for Bechtle Ober-Moerlen?
The highlight of recent years was the self-planned construction of the installation centre for workplace systems and the resulting creation of an information security management system (ISMS) in 2014/2015. With the help of this further development, great progress and added value were generated in the fuelling of client systems in terms of IT security and efficiency - both for customers and for us. This was proven in 2016 with the very effective implementation of two major projects in less than 6 months.

Which tasks do you have as managing director?
As managing director of our GmbH, I am involved in the classic business activities of our customers and suppliers. This is reflected in a large number of meetings and telephone calls. But also internally the activities are diversified. Planning and responsibility for personnel and budget are of course among my core tasks. In addition, we provide approvals and coaching for the preparation and optimisation of quotations, as well as administrative and legal issues, e.g. compliance with the DSGVO. I can rely on the central functions of Bechtle AG (controlling, HR, law, etc.) for all issues.

Why is Bechtle Ober-Moerlen particularly attractive for employees?
The location of the site approx. 40 km before the Rhine-Main conurbation makes the location attractive for all employees, as they can cover reasonable travel times to the workplace and avoid the daily rush hour around the Rhine-Main area. Almost 90% of our employees are recruited from northern communities such as the Taunus, Wetz-lar, Giessen or Wetterau. Some employees even go on joint mountain bike tours in the directly adjoining forests directly after work.

Which job profiles are sought in Ober-Moerlen?
Due to the annual surface roll-outs of IT workplace hardware, roll-outs are always the focus of the employee search. In addition, commercial or technical professions (internal sales, project management, internal service technicians, external service technicians, consultants) are sought on a case-by-case basis. As a rule, we always train one information electronics technician or communication electronics technician per vocational school cycle.



What employees say:


The positive cooperation among my colleagues and the unbiased cooperation across all hierarchies have always impressed me and left a lasting impression on me.


Thilo Wagner




Why am I with Bechtle? In a time of so many fast-moving options in our private and professional lives, we are ultimately looking for a balance and a constant. My job in this great company with interesting technologies and great colleagues forms the bridge to an optimal work-life balance for me.


Phillip Swoboda