Alexander Hofmann, Managing Director Bechtle IT Systemhaus Rottenburg

Why is Rottenburg an ideal Bechtle location?
Here on the Neckar between Stuttgart and the Black Forest, we not only work where others go on holiday, but as the market leader in the region we also offer an attractive workplace for skilled workers. Numerous hidden champions have their headquarters in the region and the good transport connections through the state development axis A81 do the rest.

What distinguishes your local team?
Collegiality, commitment, creativity, flexibility, a festive mood and a desire for new things - to name just a few. The colleagues are highly motivated and distinguish themselves through their high level of professionalism across a wide range of IT-related topics. We can do EVERYTHING - from corporate groups to medium-sized companies.

Why is Bechtle Rottenburg an attractive partner for its customers?
With the above-mentioned strengths, we are always one hundred percent committed to our customers. In addition, we have a unique demo center for network solutions at our location.

Where do you see the Bechtle location in Rottenburg in ten years?
In ten years, we will be THE partner for medium-sized businesses for digital transformation, artificial intelligence and cyber defense. We are already well on the way to achieving this goal.

What was / is the most exciting highlight for Bechtle Rottenburg?
In July 2017, we received the Global Supplier Award from Robert Bosch GmbH. That was a great success. In addition, since 2011 we have been able to double the number of associates at our location and achieve sustained double-digit growth. We are therefore also planning a new building in the near future to make room for further growth.





Personnel recruitment, digital transformation and internationalization in medium-sized companies are the biggest challenges in the IT industry.


Alexander Hofmann

Which tasks do you have as Managing Director?
Leadership is the mother of all differentiation. This allows me to focus my tasks primarily on recruiting the right colleagues in the management circle. Together with them and their teams, we implement the strategy for the system house. By participating in the decision-making and implementation processes of both managers and experts, we ensure the success of the System House.


Why is Bechtle Rottenburg particularly attractive for employees?
We offer a modern workplace, flat hierarchies, transparent decision-making processes and lots of fun. We trust in the competence of the individual and are very aware of the value of each individual employee.

Which job profiles are sought in Rottenburg?
Bachelor of Science - Business Informatics Sales & Consulting, IT Systems Management Assistant (m/f), IT Systems Integration Specialist (m/f) and Security Specialist.

What do you expect from applicants?
I expect determination, joy in teamwork, fun in performance and success, personal responsibility, thinking along with openness and commitment. But the most important thing is that it fits culturally. Those who fit into our team, but still have learning potential for the areas of the respective position, still have opportunities. We then jointly take care of the qualifying training. This is why career changers or applicants with unusual CVs are also welcome.