Bechtle Schweiz AG and the G2K Group enter into exclusive partnership

Mägenwil, 31 May 2021 – Bechtle Schweiz AG and the G2K Group enter into an exclusive partnership on the Swiss market. G2K Group GmbH is an established technology company with over 150 experts developing and running the Parsifal AI platform.

The platform is used in the fields of smart city, smart building, retail and transportation around the world by renowned customers. Parsifal is an AI-based platform that can be run on-premise, in the cloud or as a hybrid solution and which can be leveraged to get the most out of data from a variety of sources. For example, Parsifal can collect, structure, correlate and make usable data from IoT, CRM, ERP, social media and even data lakes. Saved workflows can be used to determine alternative courses of action with the AI platform’s USP being its ability to process a variety of different data using multi-level algorithms. This enables customers to gain data-based insights, carry out data mining, make predictions and determine real-time options for potential courses of action. Through its partnership with the G2K Group, Bechtle Schweiz AG is expanding its IoT portfolio in the up-and-coming field of IoT solutions by an additional vendor.

Press Release
Stefan Schweiger, Leiter IoT/AI Solutions
Joerg Hensen, CSO, G2K Group