Creative Cloud for Education: Put your students on the path to digital literacy.


Set them up for success with free Creative Cloud Express, free mobile apps, and powerful Adobe Creative Cloud memberships.
Launch their creative journey with free Creative Cloud Express and Creative Cloud mobile apps.

Research shows that digitally literate students are better prepared than others to face the challenges of an increasingly digital world. One of the critical skills they learn is creative problem-solving. That’s because when teachers assign hands-on, open-ended projects that involve making brochures, web pages, video ads, and other digital media, students engage more deeply, think more creatively about problems and opportunities, and come up with more innovative responses.

And with free Creative Cloud Express and Creative Cloud mobile apps, millions of K–12 students can begin the journey to digital literacy. The apps give students easy ways to create illustrations, graphics, layouts, and more—a great first step toward growing their creative problem-solving and digital skills.


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Benefits at a glance.

Closer collaboration and more intensive cooperation.

This modern and stimulating method of knowledge transfer enables teaching staff to create stronger ties with their students.

Encourage potential, expand horizons and uniqueness.

Students learn how to implement unique ideas and therefore develop their creativity.

Innovative learning processes and knowledge application.

The spotlight is less on a specific goal than on how to get there, meaning that creativity can bloom and more original solutions can be discovered thanks to  less pressure.


Adobe Sign.

Quickly and easily sign contracts, offers and other documents on different devices with Adobe Sign. All it takes is a few clicks to prepare a document and e-mail it for signing. All the signer has to do is click on the link and sign the document directly in their browser—and they don’t even have to have Adobe Sign to do so.

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Adobe Scan.

Copy your documents, forms and other files and save them as high-quality PDF files with Adobe Scan. Handwritten and printed text are both automatically detected and any unwanted effects removed. Your scans are saved directly in the Adobe Document Cloud, where they can be accessed at any time, from anywhere.

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Flexible licensing options for primary and secondary schools and districts.

Bring Adobe Creative Cloud to your school or district with affordable, easy-to-manage licensing options available through the Adobe Value Incentive Plan (VIP) with K-12 option. You’ll enhance teaching and learning while helping students develop essential digital skills for college and career success. 


Flexible deployment
and management.

Classroom and
home use.

Free instructional

Creative Cloud for higher Education.

Only Adobe brings together an essential and comprehensive set of integrated apps and services to further collaboration and creativity in education. Adobe Creative Cloud for education gives your students, faculty, and staff access to the latest industry-leading creative software for design, web, video, and photography—on the desktop and mobile devices—plus seamless ways to share and collaborate through access to online services.

Software that's
always up to date.

Flexible licensing

Collaboration that's
built in.

Easy deployment
and management.

Creative Cloud for Education – Make the leap.

Adobe’s Create Cloud programs facilitate a unique and fascinating learning experience that support teachers and lecturers in creating extraordinary lessons as well as pupils and students in the creative processes that encourage innovative ideas and solutions.

Adobe Creative Cloud bridges the gap between instructors and students thanks to its ease of use and unbiased operation that boost incentivisation.

Teaching staff can significantly increase their students’ motivation and facilitate stimulating discussions. Students acquire essential skills that are crucial in the digital world independently, yet with backup support if they need it.

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