Cisco Meraki.

With Cloud Managed IT for the future.

Centralised IT management with Meraki – No matter the time or the place. Over 1,000,000 Meraki networks in 147 countries are already reaping the rewards:

  • Configure and manage all network devices and surveillance cameras remotely.
  • Centralised control of users, devices and applications.
  • No hardware controllers or management software necessary.
  • Short IT rollout, software and feature updates directly from the cloud.
  • Scalable from small branches to large networks.
  • Reduced cost of implementation and network maintenance.

The Cisco Meraki solution simplifies IT dramatically. Centralised cloud management eliminates the complexity of traditional network architectures, massively reducing costs.

BEvirtual - Reference video.

Cisco Meraki – Cloud-managed IT to drive your future.

Enjoy simple, centralised IT management, no matter the time or the place. Watch our video to discover the benefits of Cisco Meraki, used in over 1 million networks across 147 countries.

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