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Fujitsu notebooks—known as Lifebook—offer unlimited mobility, high performance, top quality and reliability all in a modern design. The Fujitsu Notebook Lifebook portfolio supports your business with entry-level and powerful individual solutions. A wide range of configuration options guarantee maximum flexibility and convenience, and energy-saving technology ensures that your notebook is eco-friendly.

Advanced notebooks.

Scalable PCs for demanding applications.
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All-Round notebooks.

Notebooks for standard applications in the office and at home.
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Superior notebooks.

Notebooks and Ultrabooks™ with supreme features and a stylish design. Contact us so that we can suggest suitable products for you. 

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Efficient working requires seamless interaction between your IT systems and users. Fujitsu delivers through a comprehensive range of intuitive, useful accessories covering human input devices, storage, connectivity, carrying cases, biometric security and multimedia. Mirroring Fujitsu’s overall design language, these products guarantee maximum compatibility across Fujitsu systems. This enables “one-stop shopping”, saving you time and money.

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