Aruba Hybrid Workplace

Aruba Hybrid Workplace.

Because hybrid workplaces are the new normal.

Enable your employees to switch between the home office and office desk easily.

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New challenges at the workplace posed by COVID-19.

Employees returning to the office from working at home should feel that their employers care about their health and safety. This is where Aruba comes in:

  • Preventive solutions like density planning to support social distancing at the office.
  • Contact tracing solutions can minimise the risk and quickly identify anyone who may have come into contact with an infected person.
  • WLAN solutions for extending your company network into the home office with a secure and easy to implement cloud-managed alternative to consumer-grade network equipment.

The 5 biggest IT challenges in the home office.

And how to overcome them.

Remote working is here to stay. But IT is facing big challenges—disruptions of video conferences, badly designed apps, security risks and missing transparency during problem solving. Our practical guide will help you solve these pesky problems for good. We will go over the five most important challenges with you and provide you with their solutions. Everything you need to create a successful hybrid workplace.

E-book – The 5 biggest IT challenges in the home office.



How can IT managers prepare for the hybrid workplace?

Switching over to the hybrid workplace is a decisive factor for business continuity. Find out which priorities 2,400 IT leaders have when making investments to realise the vision of a motivated, productive and more efficient workforce.

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Find out who and what is on the network.

Improve network control, transparency and performance.

Hybrid work methods make it harder to track devices that have a connection to the network. Aruba Central expands transparency and control up the edge of the network, protecting data and devices.

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Find out how AI can accelerate network administration.

Simplify the configuration and operation of the network with Aruba Central. Receive AI data, security and uniform infrastructure management for campus, branch, remote and data centre networks from one interface.

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Products that support the hybrid workplace.

Remote access points (RAPs).

Work from home with a solution that is easy to provide and manage. Aruba Access Points are configured automatically, which is why they only have to be connected to an existing internet connection and can be used right away.


Aruba APs.

Thanks to integrated BLE support (Bluetooth Low Energy), Aruba-series 300/500 APs work seamlessly with Aruba location services and provide extended dashboard functions for contact tracing, including granular location and proximity dashboarding.

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