Aruba Instant On

Aruba Instant On:
Reliable WLAN for SMEs and home offices.

Total control in the palm of your hand.

Working from home.

Many company owners and employees alike currently find themselves working from home. To ensure that businesses don’t stumble in the face of this digital transformation, the network has to be as fast, secure and reliable at home as in the office. Home networks are already used by notebooks, phones, tablets games con soles and smart TVs, but adding business-related communication, customer meetings and other work to the mix, your average router quickly reaches its limits with the result being interruptions to the connection.

With Aruba Instant On, small businesses and home-based workers can upgrade their network capacities with an enterprise-grade technology that is easy to set up, monitor and scale. What’s more, you can accelerate your Wi-Fi with high speed Gigabit performance.


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A better way to WLAN.

Easy configuration and operation.

Unpack, set up and away you go! Your network is ready to use in just a few minutes thanks to Plug and Play APs and switches. Complete step-by-step set-up and management in a few clicks with the Instant On Mobile app that requires no technical experience. Manage your network from a mobile device and a single dashboard. Smart Mesh technology enables the automatic detection of new devices and makes adding new access points and switches child’s play.

Blazing-fast and reliable performance.

Benefit from an ultra-fast Wi-Fi 6 connection that delivers more speed than previous generation routers. Industry-leading 802.11ac Wave 2 technology allows faster Wi-Fi speeds and therefore means happier customers and more productive employees. The Power over Ethernet (PoE) standard supplies high-end devices such as wireless access points, cameras, printers, PoS terminals and smart locks with juice. Both 24 and 48-port models come with SFP/SFO+ for reliable fibre optic connectivity and other long-range connections.

Security without additional costs.

Built-in security standards enhance encryptions and simplifies configuration to such an extent you don’t need a security expert to set up employee and/or guest access permissions. Aruba Instant On is available at an all-in price, so you don’t have to constantly worry about paying for subscriptions or licences. You can also keep control of your network. If you have any problems, you’ll find the solution directly in the Aruba Instant On mobile app.

Focus on what’s important and leverage the fastest and most reliable Wi-Fi.

Quick configuration.

Thick user manuals are a thing of the past.

Easy to use.

Utilise the mobile app and web-based management.

Reliable security.

Trust in industry-leading security and reliability.

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Aruba Instant On.
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Aruba Instant On.
Overview of solutions.
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Get the right Aruba Instant On solution for your business.

Fast setup.

  • Plug and Play switches that work together with Instant On APs right out of the box.
  • Mobile app to easily setup, monitor and manage your network.

Security you can count on.

  • Protect your network from unauthorised access with IEEE 802.1X and VLANs.
  • Automatic denial-of-service (DOS) monitors and protects the network against malicious attacks.

Everything included.

  • No extra licensing or subscription fees.
  • Industry-leading limited lifetime warranty and support.


Aruba Instant On Switch

An investment for today and tomorrow.

Upgrade your WLAN network to boost the performance of all your devices and ready it to meet the demands of new Wi-Fi 6 devices that are fast becoming the new norm. Add a 24 or 48-port switch for devices such as security cameras and PoS devices via an Ethernet cable.
1.2 Gb/s.
Supports up to 75 active devices.

Aruba Instant On AP22 + 1930 Switch Series.

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