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Bechtle @School powered by Aruba.

An excellent product, a competent partner, long lasting reliability and a secure network for your school.

Which network infrastructure do schools need? 

Lay the right foundation.

Simplify the daily tasks of your students and teachers.

Enhanced reliability for cloud-based tools such as Moodle, InfoMentor and PUPIL in educational institutions.

Protect your pupils
and teachers.

Monitor which devices are connected to your
network and limit access to content.

Find just the right standard
for your schools. 

Central management and performance
transparency simplify admin.

Choose the newest and most performant
WLAN standard Wi-Fi 6.

Invest in the long lasting usability of your infrastructure today.

Why choose Aruba network solutions?

  • Years of experience in networks and highly successful projects in the education sector.
  • Investment protection through life-long warranty*
  • Future-secure thanks to Wi-Fi 6 (Wi-Fi Alliance certified) and professional support thanks to regular software updates and upgrades
  • Reliable infrastructure for seamless schooling
  • Operational support through automated error recognition and simple visualisation on one dashboard.
  • Perfect for 1:1 (“one end device for each pupil”) and IoT initiatives
  • Highest security thanks to BSI and medical devices certification (EMV certification in accordance with EN 60601-1-2)

*Check manufacturer’s website for details

Why Bechtle and Aruba?

We offer you a turnkey network infrastructure, consisting of fast and easy-to-implement solution modules. Bechtle is a cross-regional system house that provides direct communication via local contacts. You will also receive professional end-to-end consulting, including installation, configuration and operation by Bechtle.


Bechtle@School powered by Aruba

So what does an Aruba solution look like?

The concept is made up of access points, switches and the necessary management licences—which can be located in the cloud, an external  or on-premise data centre, and, from a certain school size upwards, includes a network access control solution, which is used to grant permissions to students and teachers in the network. Using these tables, you can get a picture of the amount of devices and licences you need for your project. We also recommend purchasing 3 years of support. Bechtle will take care of configuration. If you wish, we can offer you several extras.

What added value does Bechtle offer?

  • End-to-end consulting for your requirements and strategy
  • Analysis of existing infrastructure
  • Concept and migration planning
  • Realisation and rollout of the project
  • Operation

What we offer.

  • Complete school infrastructure from a single source  
  • Development of individual schooling concepts up to operational support
  • Integration of different schooling software solutions for holistic operation

Read the table to find the number of devices and licences recommended for your school size and Aruba solution.

Aruba enables digital learning – Reliable, simple, secure.

Flexible security concepts play as important a role in schools as comprehensive WLAN. Schools often have specific requirements of different networks: the admin network for teachers, the pedagogical network for teachers and students and the local authority’s end devices, and the pedagogical network for teachers and students’ private end devices used as part of a BYOD (bring your own device) concept. The same is true of flexible access to end devices and apps to, for example, only allow tablets with a certain OS onto the WLAN, or to bar specific applications such as Netflix, Spotify and WhatsApp from the school network or simply allocate them limited bandwidth. Overall, today’s learning environments are creating certain challenges for all involved in terms of WLAN. Aruba solutions offer the scope and reliability required to promote digital learning opportunities in schools.

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