A cross-regional health centre, the Kantonsspital Aarau has a first-class medical-technical infrastructure, conducts dynamic research, and offers training to doctors in 31 specialist fields—to the highest possible level in 19—making it a prominent training centre for the specialists of the future as well as an attractive employer for numerous careers in nursing, therapy and operations. The some 4,600 specialists’ data and accounts tended to be manually entered and managed, which led to a lack of transparency, few controls, time-consuming management as well as certain number of “forgotten” accounts. It also happened that staff were hired multiple times in some situations as data was stored and shared via e-mail and Excel lists, but was not available for the entire system.

The different systems needed to be replaced with standardised IT service management processes and tools in order to create a reliable source for employee data accessible to everyone who needs them. Kantonsspital Aarau wanted an automated, comprehensive management of employee and account data throughout their time at the hospital as well as reduce manual work to absolute minimum with a new, optimally aligned IT system landscape. At the same time, the hospital was aiming to achieve a high-quality database for all business applications and ITSM processes.


Kantonsspital Aarau found the perfect solution at Bechtle, whose iam amira Identity & Access Management Tool is a self-service tool that enables the hospital to easily manage resources and access rights while defined workflows and processes ensure complaint handling and logging of data. It is both a central master database for all employee data and also forms the basis for other systems. As a central identity & access management system, iam amira also offers interfaces to integrate and automate other systems such as Human resources, staff master data, access controls, but also telephone systems and the complete management of digital identities including staff accounts and mailboxes.
The very close integration of another service management tool used at Kantonsspital Aarau means that the hospital can swap employee data with iam amira quickly and automatically, and process issues swiftly. All the hospital had to do was define polices such as naming conventions and security restrictions so that iam amira can automatically ensure they are being complied with and issues are seamlessly logged. Having comprehensive documentation for the employees’ entire time at the hospital also means that Kantonsspital Aarau complies with regulatory requirements set out in law.

iam amira uses Active Directory, Exchange und Skype for Business as its primary target systems and manages all identities, resources and access rights. Bechtle’s identity and access management system is therefore the hospital’s central hub for all data, accounts and mailboxes.

We were wasting a lot of time manually maintaining employees and their accounts. Bechtle’s iam amira has given us a central Identity Management System, the standard interfaces of which integrates other management tools and applications. We are now able to collect staff data quickly and automatically process new employees, changes and departures, which has led to cost savings.

Martin Matter, Chief Technology Officer, Kantonsspital Aarau AG

Business Benefits.

iam amira’s consistent automation and standardisation of employee data throughout their time at the hospital means the IT admins have much less data to manually manage. Many processes are now more efficient and therefore the time taken for them much less so that the IT department can handle new and departing employees much more quickly than before, which also leads to a reduction in operating costs. Data are integrated into the system significantly better and more securely and can also be used in other business applications and processes meaning that the data are always available and changes are easy to track. What’s more, the architecture can be scaled up and down at any time as required.