Starting point.

For its customers predominantly from the industrial and medical fields, kontron electronics AG offers full service development, design and manufacture of complex and miniaturised electronic components, modules, systems and security solutions. This is complemented with a fully aligned product development and industrialisation process.


Thanks to the expertise of the some 50 employees, the company is able to flexibly respond to the specific needs of its customers. The availability of qualified development capacities and hi-tech production technologies as well as the availability and efficiency of the IT infrastructure and applications are crucial to the company’s economic performance. For this reason, IT needs to be set up in the best possible way and also be reliable.

Project objectives.

The IT infrastructure previously used by kontron electronics AG needed to be replaced by a cost-efficient solution and realigned. For management, security, availability and efficient administration of the entire IT infrastructure were top priorities. kontron electronics’ IT employees should be able to focus on their own tasks in the future. Due to this, the aim was to outsource a large proportion of the company’s IT and its support without having a negative effect on production.

As we wanted to move the IT infrastructure into the public cloud, Bechtle’s cloud solutions was the only contender. The experts at Bechtle designed a hybrid cloud that was perfectly aligned with our virtualised infrastructure. We save money and capacity and can be sure that our qualified development capacities and highly modern production technologies are always available. That’s what I call efficient IT.

Sebastian Wieland, Technical Lead, Kontron Electronics 


The Bechtle experts created a service package of cloud solutions and services for kontron electronics that perfectly matched their needs and links up with their virtualised infrastructure.


Bechtle implemented a hybrid cloud solution consisting of  360° desktop, 360° backup, 360° assistance and 360° web services in a joint project team. These are used in addition to the virtualised IT infrastructure at the kontron electronics sites. 360° desktop enables employees to procure their IT workstation as a service from Bechtle’s Swiss data centre.


The Bechtle experts aligned the IT infrastructure exactly to the software’s functionality and performance and the existing end devices. Thanks to the standardised Desktop as a Service (DaaS) in the public cloud, kontron electronics benefits from maximum security and transparent costs per user as the standardised workstations are procured from the cloud with flexible costs and as turnkey solutions, which can be accessed no matter the location of the end device.  
Backups and replicas of the virtual machines are stored in the secure and highly-available Bechtle Swiss data centre with 360° backup on highly-available data storage devices. In addition, a geo-redundant data backup is available in the Bechtle  backup data centre. Without the costs for installation and maintenance of an external infrastructure, kontron uses Veeam Backup & Replication as a fully integrated solution to recover the company’s virtualised infrastructure in a worst-case scenario.


Bechtle guaranteed communication between the kontron electronics’ employees through its 360° web service. This means that websites, FTP services and e-mail accounts are always available and business communication is always up-to-date with Hosted Exchange. Each employee’s Outlook data are centrally managed and actively synchronised. With 360° assistance, Bechtle monitors the kontron electronics IT systems and supports users and devices no matter where they are.

Business benefits.

Thanks to the Bechtle cloud services, kontron electronics AG is now able to focus once again on their core business. While employees design and produce intelligent, complex and secure electronics, the Bechtle experts secure the operation of end devices, software and business communication as well as the outsourcing of data in the inhouse Swiss data centre.


This really pays off for kontron. 360° desktop has a high cost/benefit factor, is scalable and optimises IT resources in the company in the best possible way. IT operations run smoothly and reliably without any manual input. The new uniform IT standards mean that the IT is always available and data security is high.