“100% electric” is the slogan of Europe’s first package delivery company that solely delivers parcels using electric vehicles. Quickpac’s fleet is currently made up of over 100 Renault Kangoo Maxi Z.Es, helping the company not only reduce harmful emissions, but also noise generated by delivery vehicles. Quickmail very quickly established and expanded this new package delivery concept with the division sending out just under 1 million parcels from its depots in Winterthur and Hägendorf within a year, delivering to around a quarter of all Swiss households. By 2020, its reach extended to every second household in German-speaking Switzerland. In order to achieve this, Quickmail AG’s new division needed a whole new, independent IT infrastructure, to ensure the security of enterprise-critical databases across administration, logistics and delivery. They needed IT that was available 24 hours a day, seven days a week because this is the only way to guarantee that Quickpac can deliver around 30% of packages on the day they are posted. Quickpac also provides exact delivery forecasts. This premium service relies on an IT system that is geared towards the future needs of the recipients and that connects locations and hubs to a high availability data centre that is independent from the parent company.


Ticking all the boxes, Bechtle employed its tried and tested, future-oriented 360°desktop solution. The flexible Desktop-as-a-Service model hosted in highly secure Swiss data centres was tailored by Bechtle experts exactly to Quickpac’s needs so that the new division could work independently of Quickmail AG’s IT partner. This ensures that the company’s data is secure while enabling their employees access to the central cloud service from anywhere. Bechtle ensured the package delivery company’s future success by determining their exact technical requirements and advising them on implementation for a staff of about 80 working in various departments. In this way, data are as highly available for office workers as they are for the delivery people on the road. The 360° desktop solution specifically designed for Quickpac also supports many of the new parcel delivery procedures such as the unique system of sorting parcels according to colour, evening deliveries and same day deliveries, all backed by advanced IT solutions for logistics that can be easily accessed and are highly available within the Bechtle-operated solution.

From the very start, Quickpac was focused on rapid growth. We have invested heavily and taken some risks along the way, but with Bechtle Schweiz AG’s 360° desktop solution, we were able to eliminate all risks. Our IT is now highly scalable, we have access to our enterprise-critical data from anywhere at any time and we have reined in IT spending with complete transparency into related costs. Plus, we have already successfully completed the migration of all Quickmail data.

Jochen Gehlbach, Head of IT, Member of the Board of Directors, Quickmail AG | Quickpac

Business Benefits.

Leveraging the 360° desktop solution implemented by Bechtle, Quickpac now has an IT infrastructure in which functionality and performance are perfectly balanced. Quickpac’s IT is now highly scalable and can grow along with the company without blowing the budget and with complete transparency into related costs. What’s more, company data migrated to Bechtle’s cloud solution is absolutely secure in Swiss data centres and requires much less intervention by administrators than any on-premise solution ever would.