Teaching students basic skills for the responsible use of media and information technology is the main objective of the Lehrplan 21 – a new, recommended curriculum for schools. However, the implementation of digital devices in the classroom can only be successful if there is a sufficient amount available to students and teachers. 

This is why Ringgenberg’s school included their procurement in their media and IT concept. One and a half years after a complete overhaul of the notebooks for the elementary schools, a rollout was scheduled for the secondary schools for 2021. Generally, Ringgenberg’s school procures the same devices for all classes, i.e. the HP ProBook x360 11 G5 with integrated Intel Pentium Silver N5030 processor for learners and the HP EliteBook 840 G7 with integrated 10th Gen Intel Core™ i5 processor for teachers. The first to fourth years receive one notebook for every two learners and the fifth years and higher each receive their own personal device. All students are required to sign an agreement that obliges them to handle the devices with care, and their parents asked to make a deposit.

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Bechtle supported Ringgenberg’s school as a HP Education Partner during model evaluation, prepared the notebooks, organised the deliveries, implemented all the devices in the school environment and handed them over to their eagerly awaiting users.

As usual, Ringgenberg decided on a leasing contract with HP Financial Services. The conditions provided by Bechtle are very attractive, as the costs are calculable and HP will take back the devices once the contract expires. Depending on what condition they are in, the devices are cleaned and then refurbished or recycled, which is ecological and sustainable. 

Ringgenberg’s school is a keen supporter of HP notebooks for schools. They concluded a pick-up-and-return service contract from the get-go which they had to make of use of less than 20 times as it turns out these HP notebooks are ideal for schools!

Collaborating with Bechtle and HP Switzerland even worked out in March 2021, when the original plans were foiled by the lockdown. The devices were required earlier, supply chains were interrupted and the old leasing contract was almost expired. Despite all this, Bechtle remained flexible for Ringgenberg. The transition to the new hardware went seamlessly, despite the extraordinary circumstances. Ringgenberg’s school was able to keep the old devices until the new ones came, despite the expired contract. Bechtle planned the rollout exactly and executed it cleanly without meeting the customer, while collaborating closely with HP. 

The use of technology has become one of the new absolutely essential skills besides reading, writing and maths. It has become a huge part of our everyday life. Computers are didactic tools. They need to function properly – that’s when teachers will use them efficiently. Procuring technology during the pandemic worked out wonderfully thanks to Bechtle and HP. We were allowed to hold on to the old notebooks until the new ones arrived, even after the contract expired, and Bechtle did a great job with rollout. Huge compliments go to Bechtle and HP!

Romy Nägeli, Borough Councillor and President of the Board of Education Ringgenberg

Business Benefits.

Ringgenberg’s school witnessed how, despite the difficult circumstances caused by the pandemic, Bechtle proved itself as a solid business partner and great collaborator for HP. Bechtle procured the notebooks in question, but until HP were able to deliver, thanks to Bechtle and HP Financial Services, the schools could continue using the old devices.