Starting point.

Sylvain & Co’s existing IT infrastructure was ageing and they wanted a new system that would let them keep pace with their business requirements and applications. The new infrastructure needed to fulfil three criteria—performance, capacity, and scalability. The obvious choice was to opt for a hyper-convergent solution with an innovative storage solution.


Project objectives.

An ambitious company, growing business requirements and reliable performance for data management—these were the crucial elements that Sylvain & Co’s new infrastructure needed to revolve around. And they wanted the best solution available! Their IT team had therefore researched and evaluated the solutions the market offered.



A company like Sylvain & Co need Their products are fresh and need to be either transported or processed without delay. Their IT team therefore needs a reliable, adaptable, scalable, and powerful system to support the enterprises main business.

    Bechtle provided us with a service that was completely tailored to us. The Bechtle teams made an excellent impression on us and, contrary to our past experiences with other service providers, we can now concentrate on our core business. We wouldn't hesitate to call on Bechtle’s teams again. We can now say that Bechtle is our IT partner.


    Claude-André Novet, Head of IT systems, Sylvain & Co


    Our excellent relationship with our partner, DellEMC, and other recognised technical skills of our Bechtle experts, meant we were able to analyse the needs of Sylvain & Co’s IT team and offer them a tailored solution based on DellEMC HCI and Compellent.


    We also proved our adaptability when suddenly new technical elements meant that we had to change our proposal and adjust the proposed technology in order to remain within the budget allocated for the project. With our partner’s support, our Bechtle teams were able to react very quickly—the project began just two months after assignment of the tender.


    Our experts conducted the project end-to-end, from project management and design to delivery and rollout of the new infrastructure.


    “We were used to working directly with manufacturers like DellEMC. When our DellEMC contact suggested we meet the Bechtle teams, we trusted them whole-heartedly. This turned out to be a god decision, we’ve not once regretted it and are happy to be able to benefit from the advice and support of Bechtle’s experts.


    “Project management was efficient, direct, and transparent. We were always listened to and understood, we sat down together to better understand each other and to discuss the new infrastructure. Bechtle was always able to find a suitable response to our questions. The collaboration was excellent, and we’ve rarely seen a service provider who was so available. We were never left to solve problems alone and the support from the Bechtle experts was very positive. It’s very helpful to have a team by your side that can find solutions and drive things so that our internal teams can get on with their work. It was teamwork par excellence,” Claude-André Novet tells us.


    Customer benefits.

    “Thanks to our new infrastructure, we’re now far more flexible, performant, and efficient in our applications—sometimes even too much so!” Claude-André Novet jokes. “The technical development is really positive and even if we run up against problems, our users don’t know.


    “We really needed this major technological upgrade, but the positive effects have been significant. The efficiency and speed of the system gives us a lot more freedom when it comes to how we work and organise our server. It was a large investment, but it provided us with so many unparalleled functional possibilities for improvement that we no longer have any nameable limitations. We now have immense potential at our fingertips,” says Claude-André Novet.


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