ARTICONA – About us. 

ARTICONA is a Bechtle brand founded in September 2018 and our trademark for modern IT accessories with top-end quality at low-end prices. All from a single source.


The digital transformation is in full swing, shaking up the way we work with increasingly powerful information technology and calling for whole new levels of connectivity and expandability. Our customers want to be able to respond to these evolving demands with speed and agility and to connect people across systems, geographic locations and time zones. ARTICONA has specialised in products that help them take on these changes with confidence and empower their employees with modern, straightforward and affordable IT.

How does ARTICONA do it?

ARTICONA has strong ties with the Asian market and access to a streamlined supply chain that allows us to quickly respond to current developments with the right accessories at competitive prices. Our team is dispersed across many countries and we are always in close contact with our suppliers. We pick up the latest trends at an array of trade fairs including Asia’s biggest IT expo, COMPUTEX, and bring them to Europe before anyone else. That’s how our customers can benefit from the latest tech fast and without spending a lot of money.

How can ARTICONA ensure top quality at low prices?

We keep everything in house. From the strategic spread of our portfolio, to in-country sourcing, to expert quality assurance and after-sales support, our value chain is designed to be seamless and avoid costs associated with outside services. That’s how we guarantee consistently high value for money.

We manage the entire value creation chain.

So what about sustainability?

We are always looking for alternative transport options with shorter lead times to keep our flexibility for project-related orders. Rail transport keeps our carbon footprint low compared with air routes while being faster than by sea. ARTICONA is also aware of its corporate social responsibility and collaborates with two social enterprises in Maastricht, where people with disabilities package our toner cartridges as productive and valuable members of the workforce.


Would you like to learn more about ARTICONA?

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ARTICONA stands for …



Certified products.

Comprehensive testing.






Affordable prices.

Great value for money.






Expert service.

High warehouse availability.






Constant offer development.

Strong trend affinity.