ROOMZ sensor.


The ROOMZ sensor automatically releases rooms that are booked but not used (ghost meetings). In addition, you receive valuable evaluations of the effective occupancy of the rooms and workstations so that you can optimally plan the room resources.

Easy to install, no cables.

ROOMZ is installed in a few minutes and automatically connects to an existing Wi-Fi network.

Privacy protection.

ROOMZ sensors measure occupancy using a passive infra-red motion detector combined with a patented algorithm. Thus, the measured movements are completely anonymous and respect the privacy of your employees.

Desk Sensor.

Optimise the workstations shared by your employees with the Desk Sensor.

ROOMZ Huddle Sensor.

Use our ROOMZ Huddle Sensor to manage phone boxes, small 1-on-1 meeting rooms and dedicated open areas.

Bespoke design.


Wi-Fi connection

Low Power



Technical Specifications.
Dimensions:130 x 80 x 12 mm (5.12 x 3.14 x 0.47 in)
Weight:100 g (5.53 oz)
Wi-Fi:Open, WEP, WPA2-Personal (PSK), WPA2-Enterprise (802.1X) - 2.4 GHz, 5 GHz
Security:HTTPS, TLS 1.2, Encryption, NFC
Capacity:3000 mAh, 3V
Life:4 - 5 years (depending on the user mode)
Operating Temperature:0° - 40 °C
Operating height:max. 2000 m