VMware: new licensing model from April.

VMware is aligning itself more closely with industry standards for licensing software based on CPU cores as a primary licensing metric. Despite the change, VMware will continue to use the licensing model per CPU. For each software offer licensed per CPU, the license will include a maximum of 32 physical cores. That means that the licence covers CPUs with up to 32 physical cores. These changes shall come into effect on 2 April 2020.



What do I need to do?

Customers with VMware software licences that should be deployed to a physical server with more than 32 cores per CPU before 30 April 2020 are entitles to additional, free licences per CPU to cover all those on the server. Any request for additional licences must be received by 29 January 2021, 23:59 PST, USA. Proof of purchase of the server before 30 April 2020 is required.



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