BenQ Efficiency

Efficiency meets comfort.

A wealth of efficiency in just one monitor. Thanks to USB-Type-C™, you can connect several devices to the BL2485TC and even power them. Thanks to the office monitor’s ergonomic design, you will not only save space on your desk, but have a comfortably designed workspace.

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BenQ Efficiency Daisy Chain




For added productivity

Efficient work and productivity require effort from more than just you. Thanks to daisy chain technology and extensive connection options via USB Type-C™, BenQ business monitors support you during your daily work. The specially developed coding mode optimises the working environment even more for programmers.


Daisy chain technology

Creates a multi-monitor setup for extra screen real estate and a decluttered workspace.

BenQ Efficiency USB Typ C
USB Type-C™

USB Type-C™ delivers fast audio, video, and 60 W quick charging over a single cable.

BenQ Efficiency Coding
Coding Mode

Makes every colour pop out for coding efficiency..

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Maximum work comfort

The BenQ BL2485TC office monitor can be height adjusted, panned and turned up to 90° so it adjusts to your sitting position and any environment.

Protection for your eyes

BenQ’s exclusive eye-care technologies reduce eye fatigue for user comfort, enhanced productivity, and workplace safety.

Flicker-free technology

The exclusive flicker-free technology eliminates annoying screen flickering at all brightness settings and helps protect the user’s eyesight.

Brightness Intelligence Technology

The exclusive Brightness Intelligence Technology measures the ambient light and adjusts the brightness and colour temperature of the BL2485TC & BL2785TC automatically to provide optimal image quality. This optimally enhances dark areas of the image without overexposing lighter areas.

Low Blue Light Plus

Thanks to the Low Blue Light Plus technology, dangerous blue violet light is filtered out to effectively protect your eyes from fatigue or irritations.

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