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What are the current challenges in network operations?

More and more tasks have to be completed with fewer and fewer staff. Networks are growing and becoming more complex. IT teams face a variety of issues when it comes to networks: Budgets are being cut. Managing networks is becoming more and more time-consuming, personnel-intensive and costly.

In addition, there are current IT topics:

IT teams need to manage the growing number of mobile devices and BYOD (bring your own device) clients, they need access to on-premises resources to enable mobile working. Internet of Things (IoT): Traditional networks cannot efficiently manage the large number of devices that will be connected in the next few years as part of IoT.


Enterprises must deal with rapidly increasing cyber threats while implementing new policies. So IT teams face the challenges of defending their business against attacks. Simplify the management and monitoring of their growing network while creating the best possible user experience. Networking expert Cisco has taken on the challenge and is leading the way to "a whole new era of networking" with Cisco DNA.

The Cisco DNA (Digital Network Architecture) solution heralds the new era of networking. The new LAN meets the requirements of a software-driven approach with automation to simplify management and operations. In addition, Cisco DNA provides built-in security and monitoring of network health through proactive monitoring and troubleshooting. The new WAN, which drives digital business, also accommodates changing patterns as traffic moves to public clouds and the Internet through new cloud services and software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications.

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