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A seamless meeting experience relies on so much more than the use of modern devices. Besides video and audio devices that have to work well together, peripherals also play a decisive role. Efficient use of modern meeting solutions heavily depends on a good user experience, as at the end of the day, it’s your employees who are going to have to work with it.
The office will also become a place of community and guidance in the future, which is why innovative room concepts that foster creativity and collaboration should not be left by the wayside. Tailored services and training courses for the seamless integration of your Modern Meeting solution round off the offer.
There are some things to think about before equipping a conference Modern Meeting room, because using any old camera and microphone system doesn’t go far enough. Each room has its own specific features and challenges that need to be considered, plus you shouldn’t forget your users when deciding which communications platform to go for.

Modern Meeting Solutions

We’ll help you develop your personalised Modern Meeting concept, with our specialists by your side every step of the way, highlighting the status quo and showing you the way to a holistic Modern Meeting solution—for productive conferences and happy employees.
Let’s work towards modern collaboration together. We have consolidated the common challenges faced by the individual corporate departments and demonstrate how they can be overcome using modern approaches,

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Book your own individual workshop on modern meetings.

With the Modern Meeting workshop, we want to offer a holistic view of your meeting situation. Our experts will work with you to discover your requirements. We will coordinate the content of your extensive workshop with you—on-site or digitally. We’ll help you shape a workshop tailored to your needs and requirements to find the right solution for your company together. You will then receive your own personalised solution concept.

Matthias Borner
Matthias Borner

Sales Consultant Display Solutions


Modern meetings are the basis for efficient collaboration and developing creative ideas and solutions. To facilitate location-agnostic collaboration, the differences between hybrid and physical meetings needs to be kept to a minimum.

ORBIS Schweiz SE

Instead of binding employees to a traditional desk setup, ORBIS teamed up with Bechtle to implement brand new meeting room technologies and workspaces.

Regiobank Solothurn AG

Modern culture of information – Digital signage solutions for Regiobank Solothurn.

Regiobank Solothurn AG

Modern culture of information – Digital signage solutions for Regiobank Solothurn.

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