Samsung VXT Platform

Samsung All-in-One-Platform VXT

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Samsung Visual eXperience Transformation (VXT) is a cloud-native all-in-one platform that combines content creation and remote signage management capabilities in one system. The user-friendly solution helps companies easily create and manage content for their digital displays.

  • Cloud-native solution for seamless content creation and management for all B2B displays
  • Unites three CMS modules: VXT Canvas, VXT CMS and VXT Players
  • Samsung VXT is compatible with desktop and mobile devices*
  • Enables customised energy consumption on the basis of data collection


* VXT, CMS and VXT Canvas are only supported in Chrome.

Easy management of content and displays

Samsung VXT is a CMS solution that enables users to create content and share it to different displays in a single application. The system has three modules—VXT Canvas, VXT CMS and VXT Player.

Samsung VXT Platform
Save fixed server costs

In comparison to on-premise solutions by Samsung, VXT CMS is far more affordable as users only pay for the licence based on a sum stated in a payment plan. Meanwhile, server management and maintenance are handled by the cloud service provider, saving space, time and money.

Conventional CMS Samsung VXT CMS
Customised management with tagging Customised management with tagging


Samsung VXT Platform
Remote controlled, in almost real-time, at any time

Samsung VXT CMS makes remote control and security intuitive. Locking options are available for items such as USB and Bluetooth devices, Wi-Fi, other networks and remote controls, while display settings are changed in near real time and multiple devices can be managed simultaneously.


Samsung VXT Platform
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Request a free VXT trial version today

Interested parties can test VXT free of charge for 60 days before taking out a subscription. Try out all content management features to check whether VXT CMS is suitable for your company.

If you would like advice or want to request a VXT trial version, please use the contact form.


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