VMware Multicloud.

Up into the cloud - fast. Consistent infrastructure, consistent operations.

Manage your complete application pool across hybrid and native clouds.

Three steps to a future-proof cloud strategy.

Many companies today are faced with the requirement to make successful multicloud investments and realign on-premises and cloud management concepts.

The multicloud approach offers many advantages. However, it also comes with new challenges due to increasing complexity. With VMware, organisations can overcome these hurdles and establish consistent operations across all clouds. Learn how to achieve a successful cloud transformation in three easy steps to quickly save money and become more efficient with our infographic.

Infographics Multicloud.

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Choose VMware and Bechtle to easily:

Migrate to the cloud.

Easy, fast, familiar. Bring the VMware tools you know and the expertise you have into the cloud.

              • Migrate specific applications. Migrate workloads into the public cloud without the need for expensive conversion.
              • Consolidate and migrate data centres. Migrate your entire data centre into the cloud to save space and money.
              • Migrate across clouds. Seamlessly travel between public clouds without sacrificing application integrity.
              vSphere 8.

              The NEW generation of vSphere for existing enterprise applications.
              Available in two editions.

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              Scale on demand. 

              Scale your cloud to match your current needs. Unlock new opportunities with a scalable and seamless hybrid cloud environment.

              • Disaster recovery and backup. Achieve your business continuity objectives with simplified disaster recovery and low per-site costs
              • Regional expansion. When your business branches out, new sites will have affordable access to your cloud-based assets. There’s no need to create costly on-site resources.
              • Seasonal and short-term capacity. Unlock extra capacity in a matter of just minutes to cover short-term, seasonal or unexpected peaks in demand.
              Why choose vSAN?

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              Unify multi-cloud operations.

              Access innovation anywhere in the world. Leverage the benefits of hybrid and multicloud environments without the complexities typically associated with these models.

              • Simplify hybrid and multi-cloud operations. Use a shared toolset for both hybrid and native public clouds. 
              • Secure cloud-based assets. Protect your applications and data with a unified security model, no matter where your applications reside.
              • Create cost transparency. Stay on top of your TCO and gain actionable insights thanks to excellent visibility into your cloud environment.

              Design modern applications.

              Set your business apart through innovation. Use VMware Cloud as a consistent platform for application development that guarantees the integrity and security of your applications and data.

              • Create and run cloud-native applications. Discover a framework for a scalable, highly available and self-healing solution for your cloud-native applications.
              • Test and develop applications. Enter all new development environments in the cloud that integrate seamlessly with modern tools.
              • Evolve existing apps. Tap into the full potential of advanced connectivity, storage and real-time analytics to drive your innovations.
              • Access on-demand resources. Drive developer velocity with fast access to containers, resources and tool chains.

              Find out more about Cloud Foundation.


              Faster and easier into the hybrid cloud.

              The hybrid cloud is currently the solution of choice for companies wanting to step into the cloud.

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